I’m Allergic to What?

I was going through some old paperwork over the weekend and I found an allergy blood test that I had done in 2008. The doctor gave me a copy of it, we reviewed a few items, and then I filed it away in my office. I found it and read up on the things that cause my allergies. Now, I don’t have strong allergies. I don’t need shots and they don’t incapacitate me in any way.

But one allergy really surprised me. I am allergic to this sweet little guy.

2013-08-01 21.26.04

I don’t have a lot of symptoms but I have had constant nasal congestion over the past few years. That is something that I can overlook of course. I have had other allergy symptoms but nothing serious enough I guess. My doctor did put me on allergy pills this year and that has been helping a lot.

I am also allergic to leaf molds and dust mites. Ick. So my allergies are bad in the fall and early winter and I am now using special coverings for my pillow. All of these things rolled up into one has helped my allergy symptoms a lot.

Are you allergic to anything?
Is it serious or can you easily get by with it?


  1. I’m allergic to tree nuts, that’s what I have the worst reaction to.

    I have seasonal allergies (spring and fall) to something outside

    I have sensitive skin and need to use social lotion, sunscreen, laundry detergent, etc

    I think I’m allergic to down as well. And probably other things that I don’t know about

    I’ve gotten to the point where I take benadryl almost every night, just to try to stay ahead of the allergies. Sigh

  2. I finally broke down and got allergy testing at the start of this year. For at least 10 years I knew I was highly allergic to cats, although the allergy developed over time. As a kid I was fine. Fortunately I am not allergic to dogs. I’m guessing your dog allergy might be minor if you can live with Bo?

    Outside of cats my worst is dust mites. Literally my arm blew up when they tested me for that. It sucks because it’s impossible to completely avoid them! I have taken some measures to reduce their presence in our home though. I continue to have nasal drip issues and it sucks but I also don’t want to take medication.

    Lastly I am allergic to fish (another allergy that developed as an adult!) and some random plants.

    • I have had dogs my entire life and I don’t remember ever having any issues with allergies, so I guess it isn’t as strong as they say it is.
      I can’t do the scratch test for allergies, I have to do a blood test because I am on a beta blocker and they don’t do them if you take that type of med. So mine isn’t as complete as it would be if I had the scratch test.

      Another weird one I am allergic to is mustard. I think it is disgusting anyways so I never eat it, but that’s an odd one.

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