Friday Wants for November 1

Happiness. Plain and simple happiness.
I want to wake up happy in the morning and go to sleep happy at night.
This is 100% to do with my emotional state and I am the only one who can make me happy.

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  1. All true words to remember. Choose happiness today!

  2. (: Sending happiness your way. I can relate to how you feel and how hard it can be to think you can have happiness. You’ll get it!

  3. Tom Johnson says:

    You go, Amanda. You can run into jerks all day long, but only you can let them ruin your day. As long as you have Jeff and the fam the only person who can bring you down is the girl in the mirror.

  4. Agreed on all counts: especially the believing you are happy and you will be. We need to take ownership of it, my friend. 😉

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