Glass City Marathon Ambassador

I have the best news to tell you! I have been so excited for weeks about this!

I am part of the inaugural team of Ambassadors for the Glass City Marathon!


I met with the race director on my birthday and we worked on the ambassador program and things fell in line so easily! Here is my Ambassador profile. 

You know what this means?  I need to start training for my second marathon. I am going to do it slowly, so I don’t aggravate my knee, so I am choosing to do Hal Higdon’s 30-week marathon plan. Even though I have run this distance before I am slowly ramping up my mileage because in between my first marathon and now, I had my 5th knee surgery. Obviously, I don’t want to try for my 6th.

This is proof to all of my slow-running readers that you don’t need to be an 8 minute miler in order to be an Ambassador. I am an Ambassador for those who are just starting out, for those who are slow, but at least trying. Want to know the time of my first Glass City Marathon? 6:12:30. That’s right, 6 hours. I did injure my knee during the race and had to walk a large portion of the second half. Know what? I am still damn proud of myself for starting and for finishing.

The race was also amazing because my now-husband proposed to me at the finish line. You can read my 2012 Glass City Marathon race recap here.

Think you want to represent the Glass City Marathon on April 27, 2014 with me? Fill out this Ambassador application by November 30!

I can’t wait to tell you all about my training and my experiences as a Glass City Marathon Ambassador!

Have you ever wanted to be a race ambassador?
If you could choose any race to represent, what race would it be?



  1. How fun and exciting!!! Congratulations 🙂

  2. What all is involved in being a Glass City Marathon Ambassador? While I don’t live in the area, my family is still there and I frequent the Toledo area often. I have thought about running the Glass City Half Marathon this upcoming year.

  3. That’s awesome congrats!! Way to persevere in your first marathon! One of mine won’t horribly and I called my hubby to come get me – it was my only DNF (incidentally he had proposed the night BEFORE the race so that may have played a role in me being so eager to quit and go home).

  4. That is so cool, congrats! I just love the Glass City Marathon course. There is something about it that makes me love it….not sure if it’s because it’s local (so no getting up too ungodly early or travelling too far), but even in the worst of conditions (like this past spring’s downpour during the whole race) there is something that just puts a smile on my face when I run it! Good for you.

  5. Congrats!! That is exciting news!

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