Doctor’s Orders

Do you follow what your doctor tells you? Say you go to the doctor and they tell you to not run or exercise for a month, do you listen to them? Or do you decide for yourself what you are going to do?
Being raised with a doctor and a nurse as my parents I have a fondness for doctors/nurses and what they know. I am that person that listens to doctors. They went to school for an extra 7 years to be a doctor, so they must know more than I do.

My therapist, not a doctor, but she is a trained professional in her field, gave me a task. Something that I have not done in a long time and something that kinda scares me. She told me to get out more. I am not typically a home body, or haven’t been up until the past year or two. I have had issues with depression and dealing with my ever changing emotions. I am bipolar and I am dealing with it on a daily basis. Anyways, my therapist said to get out more, but I have basically shunned away all of my friends. When I am depressed I tend to push people away so I can be by myself. So I am really not left with a lot of friends. I have 2 or 3 friends that I keep in contact with, but ask me the last time I saw them to hang out or get out?  Couldn’t tell you.

So, I need a friend to hang out with. To grab dinner, drinks, lunch or something with in the next week or two. If anyone would like to take me up on this offer, just let me know. I promise to only be moderately awkward. This is hard for me because a lot of people have been burned by my constant ‘no’ to their invitations. I am just hoping that I hear from someone, anyone.

What is your preferred method to talk to friends?
How often do you try and get out of the house for some non-family time?
What do you like to do when you get out of the house?


  1. I live to far but I want to wish you the best of luck. I’ve barely been able to keep together a few friendships since Avery’s diagnosis so I empathize with you.

  2. I wish I was closer – you and I are so alike, slower runners, boston terrier lovers, somewhat antisocial, lovely sarcastic ladies. I hope you can find someone to take you up on the offer. If you ever get up to Ontario, Canada, send me an email!

    • Thank you, Pamela. That made me feel better that there is someone so much like me out there!
      And slow runners are the best kind.
      Bostons are the best dogs ever.
      Antisocial is easy.
      And we are lovely and sarcastic!
      The closest I was in Canada was Windsor. I never get any further North than that. If I had some good recommendations maybe I would get closer…hint hint!

  3. Ooooh! Me! I miss you. And I totally understand the desire to hide from everyone. I won’t even talk to you, if you don’t want me to. 🙂

  4. Um, hello??? You have a friend downstairs at work. Who has embarked on 52 new ventures this year that could snap practically anyone out of a funk. Come see me tomorrow. We’ll pick a couple to do together. You don’t mind a bit of humiliation or fear, do you?

    • Who is this friend you speak of?
      And you are doing 52 new things this year? OMG….hehe.
      I do need to get down there to talk to you. Stupid work keeps getting in my way.

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