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My mind is scattered today and I am having trouble focusing on one thing.  So I’ll share my madness with you.

    • If you are a runner then you will have to go to The Oatmeal and read this delightful look into the life of a runner. If you are not a runner you should read it so you can  make fun of other runners. I particularly like page 5 when the issue of stomach crunches is addressed. 
    • There are times where I get fixated on something and have to do it, buy it, clean it, organize it (you get the gist) right that very minute or my head may explode. My head has not yet exploded because I have never allowed myself to put off these fixations. There are times where a flashing thought in my head boils and stews in my brain for a week then CLICK, I get to the obsessive state where I must take action immediately. I’m not talking about any one thing in particular right now, but this has happened so many times. I know it is a symptom of my illness and not ‘who I am’ so I try to not take myself too seriously when I get too interested in something.
    • Speaking of my illness, many of my readers know that I was diagnosed as Bipolar last year. I have been juggling medications, therapists and family life since then. Yes, there have been issues and yes, there have been some very low points. But I like to think that my family and I are on the road to understanding what I am living with. I picked up this book at the library, along with about 7 other bipolar disorder books, and it really hit home with me. I read it in one sitting and devoured every page. The book is written to help the spouse of a bipolar individual. Not a parent or a friend or the person with the disorder themselves. The spouse. The person who has to deal with bipolar almost more than the person with it, is the spouse. I wanted to see what Jeff was going through (other than him telling me, of course). I wanted to see what we could do together. Read more about this book here. Jeff is reading the book currently and we are discussing each chapter as he goes. Totally helpful.


  •  For the last 3ish years that I have been running I have relied on my Amphipod Hydration Belt to keep me hydrated and fueled.

AmphipodBut…it is a struggle to run with. Not that there is something wrong with the belt itself or anything, it actually rocks and I have enjoyed running with it. I suppose if I wasn’t overweight that I wouldn’t have this issue. Or maybe it is because I am more hourglass shaped. But, I can’t wear the belt around my waist, or around my hips. It doesn’t stay put. When I get to running the belt slips up and then bounces violently around my torso. And this really isn’t the ideal way to run with a hydration belt. So, I end up putting the belt around my natural waist, the smallest part of my torso. The belt basically has no room to move up or down, keeping it in place.
Do you know how high your natural waist is?  Kinda high, when it comes to wear a hydration belt. My arms and hands are constantly hitting the bottles out of their holders.  Like I said, the belt itself rocks my world, but I was thinking that there may be something better.
Enter my new hydration option: CamelBak Mini-M.U.L.E.
CamelbakMINIYes. This is a kids pack. I went to a local sporting goods store and tried on all of their packs that were in my price range. This is the one that I fell in love with. Then I read up on it and found it was a kids pack. I compared it to the adult pack that I was looking at and it was the same length on my torso and this pack has a chest strap and the kids pack was $10 cheaper. HELLO kids pack. Then, being a savvy shopper, I got right on google and ebay and found this same pack for much cheaper online. So I bought it. Hopefully it will be here next week so we can get to know each other over a 9-miler next weekend.

Happy Thursday…do you have a blurb to add?


  1. I haven’t seen that Oatmeal link yet, so I can’t wait to check it out!

    When I first started exploring my eating disorder, the therapist gave my boyfriend a book to read that was designed for loved ones of those suffering. I think its such a good idea to write books like this, since it is so hard for us to explain to others what we are going through and how it feels. I am glad that you found a good book for you and your family. I still don’t 100% know how others in my family feel about me, or how I make them feel. I think thats one thing I could open up to, when I’m feeling brave enough.

  2. One I think its stupid to treat someone different becasue of an illness and happen to love you just the way you are. And two can you get obsessive about organizing my office. I need to get organized if I am going to get everything done I said I could. SO you can get super obsessed over that! lol Totally would let you.

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