Ohio Michigan 8k Race 2013 Recap

Let me just say that I am in love with this race. I really don’t like the extreme heat that a summer evening brings, and the course can be slightly boring if you like a lot of excitement, but this is a great race. First off, onto the important news…
My 2011 time: 59:03
My 2012 time: 1:04:14
My 2013 time: 1:03:21 <<<——– Oh yeah!  I beat last years time, and that’s all that matters.

I knew there was NO way that I was going to PR this race, but I am pretty happy that I was able to keep pace with last year and even drop a minute-ish in the process. On Wednesday at dinner it was decided that Brady was going to run in his very first 1K race. He was practically skipping around the house when we told him he could run. Brady’s 1K was at 7:00 pm and the 8K was at 7:30 pm, so we had plenty of time to watch Brady in his racing debut.
Carah and Brady look ready for their races:

DSC08640Small note on Carah’s attire…see the shorts she is wearing?  Yeah, I wore those last month, as in: they still fit me. So this 9 year old can share even more of my running clothes. Totally nuts.

Brady had some trouble during his 1K, as in he walked a fair amount, sat down at one point and was kneeling over to catch his breath on a few occasions. Brady was slowly learning the difference between sprinting and jogging. Jeff ran the race with him and I know that it meant a lot to Brady to have his dad at his side. Brady did sprint to the finish line when he saw it.


Brady even got a finishers medal for his race!  A very cool thing for a 5 year old to experience, and to have a takeaway was just the cherry on top of the sundae.



But there wasn’t much time to celebrate his first run, Carah and I had to start lining up for our 8K. We were both pretty anxious to get started at this point.



And just for funsies I took a picture of our amazingly bright shoes. The notion of shoe picture funsies was lost on Carah, but I like keeping her on her toes.




Carah was having a hard time getting through the first 2 miles. The #1 thing we have learned about Carah over the past few weeks of training…Carah hates running when it is hot out. We practically had to force Carah out the door for training runs and even then, she hated them. I almost felt like I guilted her into running the race. The furthest race she had ever run in was a 5K, so this 8K was a decent jump in race mileage for a 9 year old.




As I may have mentioned…this race is not very scenic. Okay, it IS scenic, if your taste in scenery is Ohio farmland.



One thing I like to do during a race to keep my pace is to pick a racing buddy. Now this person doesn’t know they are racing with you and they don’t know that you are trying to pass them and finish before them. But this is a technique that has worked for me before and I was teaching Carah how it can keep you motivated. For mile 2 our running buddy was yellow shirt girl. She was walk/running like we were and we knew we could overtake her.


After we passed yellow shirt and she was well behind us, we moved onto blue tank. And blue tank was seriously moving, she had a serious pace on her. As you can tell, I really get into naming our running buddies, it takes me time to think of these highly technical running nicknames. Sadly, when we walked through the second water stop blue tank ran through it. And when she disappeared around the corner we knew it was probably hopeless to catch her again.

DSC08659Up until this time Carah had been running with me. I was pushing her to run more often then she wanted (remember she hates hot weather running). Typically Carah is a speedy little devil, but we wanted to make sure she didn’t overtire during her longest race yet.  When we turned a corner and we saw the mile 4 marker, she looked at me and smiled then took off running…fast. She knew she could crush a mile and she was ready to stretch her legs at that point. I saw her bobbing and weaving around the running traffic and she was passing people every 5 yards or so. I knew I couldn’t keep up with her in any way but I increased my speed and ran my heart out until the finish line. Part of the good news is that I passed blue tank along that last mile and beat her by a few minutes at the finish.

So, I was very excited that I beat my time last year and happy that I made it through the race in one piece. Just kidding, I knew I would be okay. I really do like this race and I will keep doing it I think.


When we were training for the race Carah was pretty sure she wouldn’t do another summer race. As we were driving home I asked her what her feelings were about the race now that part of her runners high had worn off…she said she wanted to do this race again next year, heat or no heat.  She truly is a runner at heart. Hating the race at the line up and wanted to do more at the finish.


  1. How fun that you got to run it as a family! I was hoping the lure of a Color Run would be enough to get my girls running, but no. They’re not interested. And good job on beating last year’s time! Backwoods Ohio isn’t my idea of scenic either, but it could have been worse. You could have been on a treadmill! Congrats to you all on a great race!

    • Carah did a color run with her mom in the spring…sounds fun, but essentially it doesn’t interest me really. Doesn’t mean I won’t do one someday, but it isn’t on my running bucket list or anything.

  2. Michele says:

    Way to go all of you!!! Wonderful pictures of the kiddos 🙂 and you too of course!

  3. way to go 🙂 I feel her, I don’t like running when it’s hot. glad you beat last year’s time 🙂

    • I only like running in the heat if I have TONS and TONS of water. I wish I was exaggerating when I say tons, but I’m not. I get amazingly thirsty when I run.

  4. I found your blog through Susan, and I’m glad I did!

    What is the Ohio Michigan 8k? Do you cross the border into Michigan? I’m a Michigander that lives pretty close to Ohio – am surprised I haven’t heard of this!

    Congrats on a great finish time. I love how you motivate your running partner. I hope she continues to run if she loves it! I have the same race technique – tag a person in my mind and pace with them, try to pass them, or if they’re behind me, don’t let them pass me. It works really well and it feels SO GOOD if you beat them to the finish line, like you did with Blue Tank! 🙂

    • I’m glad you found me too! I am following you now!

      Check out davesrunning.com and toledoroadrunners.com for the Toledo area races. The Ohio Michigan 8K is put on my daves running. It starts/ends at Centennial Quarry (Ohio) and runs along country roads into Michigan then makes a large square back to the quarry. Super boring scenery wise, but an easy and flat race. At the end of the race you get (free) beer tickets and dinner and a chance to swim in the quarry. All part of your race entry fee. Which at $25, its not a bad deal really.

      My running partner is my step-daughter. She LOVEs running. She has been in Girls on the Run for the past two seasons and she is thriving in it. I have been trying to sign her up for all of the 5k’s that will work for her. She mastered that pretty well so I wanted to test her at a 5 mile distance and she did great! I love finding a running buddy to pass…it really does make the race more interesting!

      • YAY for Girls on the Run! I LOVE that organization! I’ve flirted with the idea of being a coach but am just worried about the time commitment…

        Also, $25 is a cheap race entry fee, especially for all you get for it!! I feel lucky If I can find a race entry under $30. Most of them are hovering around that or above 🙁

        • I looked into being a coach, BUT I work until 5 and coaching is from like 3:30 – 5. Doesn’t work for me to leave work early 2 days each week to coach.

          Have you run any fun AA races?? I am dying to do a few up there.

          • So… Shamrocks & Shenanigans is one of my faves, but thats in March. There’s a really fun Jingle run is December – not really in Ann Arbor (in Dexter which is close by), but its fun. There’s one in September… it’s the “new” version of Big House Big Heart which was the biggest and best in Ann Arbor. http://leadersandbestrace.com/ I’m thinking of doing it – I’m pretty sure its the first one.

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