The Cadbury Crisis.

Knowing that the universe was sending me signals to calm the hell down, I have tried.  And failed miserably. I have been eating my stress over the last two weeks. I have not gained any weight, and I have not lost any weight, so I am counting this as a win in my column. My stress eating food of choice during this fabulous holiday season? Cadbury Creme Eggs.

may have gone overboard last Tuesday and purchased 8 4-packs of these stupidly delicious eggs. And I may have already eaten all of them but 3. No, not 3 4-packs, 3 eggs total.  My name is Amanda, and I have a severe Cadbury Creme Egg problem.  So, with this information out there, I am vowing to not buy another egg in 2013. I will not eat another one until the 2014 season. Notice how I didn’t say that I wouldn’t eat the other 3 eggs I am hoarding at home?  I just said I wouldn’t buy any more. I am sure my waist line will thank me, as well as my food budget. I can now look back and say that eating 29 of these little gems since last Tuesday might be a bit too much. Now, in order to scare myself straight…29 eggs have 4,350 calories. I could have lost another pound had not eaten them. But the past is the past, so moving forward, no more eggs.

Why am I stressed and turning to absolute junk to console myself? Because I am still keeping a secret. It is nothing big, just nothing that I can share with the world, and may not want to share with the world. All I know is that my obsessive instincts have come out with a passion with this issue. I will hopefully be able to shed some light onto it later this week, but until then, I stress eat.

I know that eating my feelings and eating because I am bored is what had made me 22 pounds heavier than I am now, so I am being careful to maintain my weight during this stressful time. I am proud that I have not gained at all and that maintaining has come so easily. I have had a hard time with this though, because lately I find myself eating my stress more and more. I know that I am not gaining, so at least I am stopping myself after it starts, but I know that this is a dangerous path.

The other thing that I have learned about myself is that when I eat products with added sugar, I crave more sugar. I mentally think about eating the products with more sugar. Case in point – my beloved Cadbury Creme Eggs. When I eat them, I crave more of them. When I am off them and they are out of my system, I am not craving them. So I know that I have to stay away from refined sugars and I will be back on my weight loss success track!

Whew. I am happy that the Cadbury Crisis is coming to a close for 2013. Now I just have to keep calm and carry on.

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