Diet-to-Go Tweetathon (with prizes!)

I have been giving healthy living a lot of thought lately. I didn’t necessarily say I was living the healthy life, I said I was thinking about it. Huge difference. I know that healthy living includes snacks, but I’m pretty sure it is hard to balance froot loops in there. Seeing as froot loops are my new go-to snack of choice after dinner, I’m trying to find a way to wiggle them into living the healthy life.

I already told you how I’ll be making myself awesome over the next 7 weeks, I figure I better back it up with some healthy eating. Since I know a limited amount about healthy eating and healthy living I am going to make sure and check out the Diet-to-Go Healthy Living Sustainability Tweetathon. This will be a 32 hour Tweetathon¬†discussing¬†sustainable healthy lifestyles (totally what I need right now to get me on the right track). People from around the country will participate in Twitter discussions about common-sense approaches to weight loss and developing healthy habits that most people can embrace and succeed with long-term.
Tweetathon participants will be entered to receive daily prizes (chosen at random), such as a FREE week of Diet-to-Go meals (these are absolutely delicious!) or a $100 Amazon gift card!  Those are some high value prizes! This tweetathon is open to anyone who wants to join, by using the hashtags: #diettogo & #tweetathon.

This amazing tweetathon will take place for 32 hours from March 16-17, starting at 9:00 a.m. EST on March 16, and ending at 5:00 p.m. EST on March 17. What kind of questions should you ask?
Ask about how to achieve the kind of lifestyle changes you want to make. Ask about accessibility to healthy foods. Ask about exercise, how much and how often. And ask about any of those lingering healthy lifestyle questions you have in the back of your mind!

I can’t wait to ask all of my questions, and hopefully help someone else on their healthy living journey while I am tweeting (I’ll be at @thereare2sides and tweeting on the tweetathon hashtags).
What questions do you want answered about healthy living?

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