Core Workout

I am going to take charge of my body for the rest of March and through the end of April. I am going to do this core workout every day (with a day or two each week off) and I am going to start to see some results in my arms and abs by the end of April. I know I can do this, even though I have a hell of a time sticking with anything that long. It won’t take me a long time to complete each day, but it will make me feel like I am actually doing something good for my body instead of logging too many hours on the couch each night.


Seems easy enough, right? I really hope that I start to see some definition in my abs, a decrease in my love handles and some definition in my arms over the next few weeks. I think that I have convinced myself to take some before and after pictures so I can see my progress. I’ll also take measurements since the scale probably won’t show any of this activity.

Who wants to do this with me for the next 7 weeks??


  1. I’ll do it with you (even though I’ll have to look up how to do some of it). Just tell me when to start 🙂

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