A Day at Play.

While I have not actually started my Core Workout yet, I plan on beginning it next week, after some of this self-induced pressure is gone. Aren’t the expectations you put on yourself worse than the ones that others put on you sometimes? And I am really giving myself the run around lately, I am barely letting myself relax because my mind has constantly been racing. With my brain constantly in motion I am mentally exhausted by the end of each day.

Speaking of exhausted, we had some beautiful weather here last weekend (55*, oh yeah!) so we pushed the kids outside just long enough to make them both fall asleep early. It was a great weekend.

IMG_0410 IMG_0411And now that we have the invisible fence for Bo, he is able to be outside while we are enjoying the nice weather.
We even pulled out our basketballs to use them for the second time since we have lived in this house.  Yeah, twice in two years?  I guess we need to play more basketball. Jeff was pumping up the balls and he showed me that one of our basketballs had a self pump installed. The only downside? It took like 8 times as long to pump up, so I quit and left it for Jeff to pump, as any sane person would.
IMG_0413After we headed inside and sat down to relax and enjoy some Sunday downtime, Bo was ready to play fetch. Again. This dog is the energizer bunny of playing fetch. He loves it in such a way that I think he would play it in the middle of the night if we were only awake to play with him.
IMG_0416Luckily, the dog crashed pretty soon after out 105th round of fetch for the day. One of the things that makes Bo special is that he always has to have his head lying on something when he sleeps. Sunday was no different, he saw a pillow on the couch and took full advantage. he is so adorably unique.
photoAfter such a busy weekend, it is sometimes nice to head back to work to get a bit of rest during the day!
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Sounded like an amazing day! Bo is so cute! We have two little furry ones running around the office, Ruby and Rex. We love them! Good luck next week when you start your core workout:)

  2. I wish Lu would play fetch! She doesn’t seem to get it, although we haven’t spent much time actually trying to train her. Gah! She gets some things really good but other things not so much… like she isn’t ringing her potty bell yet either.

    Bo is so cute sprawled out. I love that. Cute/funny doggy legs! Like total relaxation!

  3. Your pup is adorable!

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