Why do you blog?

I am in graduate school and I am knee deep in a paper and I need to know the answer to the following questions…these will only be used in my 10 page paper and will not appear anywhere on the web, in case you cared.

Why do you blog?

Why do you read other blogs?

Is blogging a huge part of your leisure time?

Thank you for your help!


  1. I started blogging mostly to keep track of my fitness endeavors. I guess in a way I still do. I read other blogs because I like the sense of community. It’s not a huge part of my leisure time anymore, but at one point (a few years ago) it was.

  2. I blog for school – I started a social media MBA program and learn best by doing, so figured a blog would help with that. I decided to start a running/travel blog, and when I was doing research on it I was so impressed with the community and support that it became much more than a school project. I read a ton of blogs because they both inspire me and give me new ideas – workouts, training, races or blogging. With all the blogging activity, I joke around with my coworkers that blogging has become my 2nd job. Any minute I’m not at work or school, I’m doing something for my blog.

  3. I work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I started my blog as a way to provide resources and motivation to my clients between classes and training sessions. I re-discovered my love of writing and it just took off!

    I read other blogs because I love the online health and fitness community. I’m curious as to what others do to stay healthy. I like finding new recipes and workout ideas for myself and my clients. I’ve made many good friends who’s blogs I read for leisure and companionship.

    Blogging takes up a lot of my non-working and non-family time. Some days it feels like too much 😉 Then I need to remind myself that it is a fun activity and that I don’t have to do anything more than what I feel like.

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