Quitting IS an Option

After take 2 weeks to really hem and haw over running my second marathon in April I have decided to not continue training. I am still going to be running but I will be running when I want to run, now when I have to run. I just have too much going on right now that I am missing my training runs and then I feel terribly guilty for cheating myself out of that run and I can’t live like this. I already have a lot to focus on with my family, work and graduate school that throwing on more thing on the fire didn’t make sense. Plus, I can always run a fall marathon, too!

After having that weight lifted off of my shoulders, now I have time to focus on kicking my cold to the curb. I have had some serious sinus cold symptoms and running when I am sick is not fun at all. Really doing anything when you have a cold is not fun.

Carah ran in her second 5k on Saturday and knocked it out of the park with a 33:33 finish! Her super slow step mom didn’t cross the finish line until the 38 minute mark…I seem to be getting slower and slower the longer I keep running. Not cool.

Here are Carah and I pre-race:


Brady found his own ways to keep busy while Carah and I were running. The race is put on by a local bike shop so the place was packed with runners as a warm spot to gather before the race.
IMG_7748 IMG_7506 IMG_6268 IMG_4415Carah ran at her own pace during this race so I didn’t get to see her until the finish line where she greeted me with a hug. I didn’t even get to see her pass by me on her way back from the out and back course, she was too speedy!
Seeing as there are not a lot of 9 year old girl runners who run in sub zero temperatures for fun, Carah was the only girl in her age category so she got first place! This girl was damn proud of the mug she won:


It is the first race related prize she has ever earned! We were all beyond proud of her determination and dedication. And like a true runner, she already has her next race all planned out!


  1. Good choice to “postpone” the marathon. 🙂 Your running should be something you look forward to (well, most times) not something that is dragging you down. Besides, fall marathons are much more enjoyable for training anyways! It’s a heck of a time commitment, and it sounds like you have enough going on already.
    Congrats to Carah on the race win!

    • I figure this is a good opportunity to find a fall marathon to try out…any suggestions?

      • I’ve run Columbus, which is awesome for the first half, and a little less awesome for miles 14-20, but has a great ending! I also ran the Inland Trail marathon in Elyria, which is just like taking a long run on the bike trail. No crowds or anything, but very flat and kinda scenic. Columbus is a weekend trip, but you could do Elyria in just a day. Depends what you like. I preferred Columbus. Pretty high energy!

  2. Good for you for making a firm decision and moving on.. looks like you all had a fun race day. Congrats to Carah on her win in her age group! Good going! And the mug is cute, too. Nice way to make memories together.

  3. I completely understand about not doing the marathon. I agree, running should be something we enjoy & want to do!

    Congrats to Carah!! That’s awesome 🙂

  4. PurpleToenails says:

    I’m in favor of incorporating the aspects into running that make it more enjoyable. For me, it is group runs, regardless of how they affect my training. For you right now apparently it is removing the pressure of marathon racing. Good for you.

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