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Doesn’t your day get awesome when someone gives you an unexpected compliment? Someone on myfitnesspal told me I don’t look like I am 31, I look more like 21. Um, hello!  Best compliment ever! Seriously any 31 year old wants to hear they are not looking their age yet. So my boring and uneventful day just got amazing via compliment.

Have I been killing it this week with my workouts so far? Sure. Why not, if a 3 mile run last night with Carah and rescheduling my morning run from today to Friday means killing it, then yes. It has been killed. I took Carah out on her first run when it was snowing. I showed her how peaceful and calm running can be during a snowfall. She is, naturally, faster than me but we run at a good pace together and she often runs ahead and lets her slow old na-na catch up to her. We are both excited for our 5K this weekend, the weather should be 29* out, must be a heatwave!



To be honest I didn’t even feel like running last night. Working out in the evening when the kids are with us is near impossible and Jeff and I know better than to plan on it. BUT, Carah told me she had been waiting all day to get out and run, so I knew I couldn’t bail on her. When I got out I did feel better and was happy I was out running, but without Carah wanting to get out, I would have put on my pajamas and called it a night.

I do hope it is a bit warmer this weekend because I don’t want to freeze during my 12 miler on Saturday. I had trouble getting warm again after my last long run and I want to attempt to keep my body temperature up. I still have to map out my route for this run. Do you map out your runs ahead of time so you get your correct distance in or do you just wing it?  I have to map my route and I always follow it to a T. I like knowing that I will hit my mileage exactly. I tend to play a lot of mental games with myself when I long run for the week. And knowing exactly where I’ll be going helps those mind games.

How do you keep busy during your long runs?
I listen to music too, but sometimes those miles get long!


  1. I use my long runs as my time to mentally reorganize. I brainstorm, plan, and just sometimes daydream. I only start really focusing on what I am doing for the last few miles when I try to finish a little faster. To break up the monotony I try to run different routes and keep things scenic, it tends to help! And you do not look 31 at all! It’s always nice to get a compliment like that 🙂

  2. I run completely at random and follow no path. I have my hone with me using Runkeeper to tell me distance, speed, etc.

    And I love the pic of you & Carah 🙂

  3. I definitely map my run, mostly because if I didn’t, I’d be way off or convince myself to stop short.

    Glad you got out to run, even if you weren’t into it at first!

    myfitnesspal is a great place for support – I’m ppeac078, feel free to add me if you want another friend!

  4. My long runs really aren’t very long anymore. But I do them with a partner and we keep busy by chit chatting the whole time.

  5. I got a Garmin watch, so I just run free. Best running investment ever. I do have an idea where I am headed though, so I don’t start to feel desperate that the end will never come! So cool that you got out to run with your daughter. I had to do my 18 mile long run in the snow covered (and snowing!) trail and that sure beat me down by the end. Nice and tranquil, but I think I might like it better in smaller doses! btw, a soak in a tub for about a half hour did *wonders* for me warming up after that bone chilling run!

  6. Here’s an unexpected compliment: Last night wasn’t nearly as much fun without you. (insert sad face)

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