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Being a normal human being…I love eating. I love food and everything surrounding food. I love going out to dinner, I love snacking, I even love grocery shopping. Ah, the gathering of food is a great event that I take part in every other Saturday. I search, I scour and I find the best deals, then I end up buying tons of snacks and crap that we just don’t need. I’m telling ya, those marking giants are genius with their promotion of complete junk. Do I know Little Debbie snacks are quite possibly the worst food for me ever? Yes I do, but their clever packaging sells me every time, as does the price tag really.
Then I get home and I unpack and wonder how 2 bags of Puffy Cheetos fell into my shopping bag and where did these bags of Fritos come from? Popsicles? M&M’s? Oh goodness. How easily I can stray from my shopping list.

At least there is one thing I can count on to get me back on track when it comes to eating healthy. Protein. I make it my daily goal to get as much protein as I can. I have tried quite a few brands of protein and a few flavors here and there. I have never come across a favorite until recently. I was given the opportunity to review Designer Whey protein powder, ready made drinks and protein bars.

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I can honestly say that I had to instantly look up the closest location to purchase Designer Whey because I know that I am going to be purchasing a lot of this in the future. The ready made drinks were not gritty and tasted delicious. The protein powder mixed easily in a blender bottle or in my blender mixed with some fruit. Then the protein 2Go drink mix is kind of the icing on the protein cake. You mix it into any water bottle and you have an instant protein drink. My favorite part of this perfect protein powerhouse mix?
The protein bars.

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The best was the Chocolate Caramel Crunch OHMYGOODNESSWASITDELICOUS! I have seamlessly made Designer Whey protein part of my daily routine. Whether it be protein powder, protein 2Go or those fabulous protein bars, I like having a healthy option in Designer Whey to turn to. Having this extra protein may even help me balance out those Puffy Cheetos and Little Debbie’s!

I was sent a sample of Designer Whey to try. All opinions are my own.


  1. HI! I saw your comment on the DW twitter feed & thought I would let you know that if you want to order online, if you use my discount code of ZDWHEY4 at checkout, you get 20% off your total order AND free shipping of $50 or more in the continental U.S. I am an affiliate of Designer Whey. 🙂

    • Fantastic! This is so amazing! I cannot wait to order some!

      • I love every flavor & always hard for me to choose which to make! I just made up a small EASY recipe cause I am easy when it comes to cooking… I took their vanilla Protein drink & added 2 scoops of vanilla almond protein powder to it & froze. Then I put it in the fridge to get softer & SOOO good! I am going to experiment with different flavors & maybe even a chocolate one & add a bit of PB or almond butter to it. So many ways to change this up! 🙂 I have to portion control though cause it is dang good!!! 🙂

  2. I’ve been religious for two months now with the low-carb/high-protein thing, and I’ve been trying to make do with Atkins pseudo-chocolate. It’s endurable. But you had to go and mention Little Debbies. *sigh* I’d give my first-born, second-born, all four cats and the dog for a Nutty Bar.

  3. Thanks for the info, I just wanted to say that it is also important to know the different types of whey protein listed on the ingredient labels. Whey protein concentrate is the lowest and cheapest form of whey with high fat and carb contents that slow down the absorption rate of the protein, great to have before bed so you’re getting nutrients through-out the night. Next comes Isolate, which has less fat and carbs, and a higher rate of absorption. And finally hydrolysate, which gets absorbed the fastest, great for a post workout supplement. Each form of whey has is benefits and drawbacks, but its important to make sure you always buy all natural whey protein because some companies add fillers and preservatives that can lead to consuming more carbs and fat than you need.

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