Wednesday Cell Phone Photo Dump

I have had some of these images on my phone for way too long. And they all either motivate me to want to run more and be healthier or simply crack me up whenever I need it. Sure, they really aren’t photos, but they were still saved to my cell phone so it totally counts.

photo (9)


photo (8)

photo (7)

photo (6)

The rest of these are self-explanatory┬áso I didn’t feel the need to comment on them. But this picture of a random Mr. & Mrs. balloon may throw you off. This is a wedding balloon that my mom bought for us on August 18 of 2012. I don’t dare deflate it to throw it away because this is one hell of a balloon people, it has survived almost 5 months in our house! Everyone in the house is forbidden to play with it or touch it in fear that it will break, but I am pretty proud of this darn balloon. Plus, it is a constant reminder of what we were doing almost 5 months ago and how it changed us forever.

photo (3)

Happy Wednesday!

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