Watch Out Las Vegas…


Jeff and I will descend upon Las Vegas within the next week and we need some recommendations.

Where should we eat?
Where should we visit and sightsee (besides the obvious answer: casino’s)?
What should we do so we don’t stab each other in the eye?

We already have plans to wander up and down the strip, stopping in the larger casino’s and sightseeing during the day. At night we hope to have some drinks and not look like 30-something posers at the clubs. ¬†Jeff has never been before and I have only ever been for work, so we are essentially first-timers needing someone to hold our hands to guide us to the best that Las Vegas has to offer.
No, we will not have a car.
No, we are not millionaires. Yet.
So go easy on us.

Give us your favorite of everything Las Vegas!
Thanks everyone!


  1. I have never been to Vegas before but always have wanted to go. What you need to do is have a great freaking time! And maybe go check out a show? I’ve heard those can be fun!

    • I’ve been to Vegas myself like 6 times, but I have never done anything while I’ve been there because Jeff and I wanted to do it together. I have never been in the casinos, never seen the Bellagio water show….So many never’s. So this is why Jeff and I need help! It will be a great weekend away from Toledo, I’ll tell you that much! There are a lot of shows, maybe we’ll go see one!

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