Super Sunday & a 6 mile run

I hope you all had a great weekend! I recovered from my stupid sinus infection just in time to pump myself up for a long run. 6 whole miles this week. For those who have had to take breaks from running, doesn’t something short like 6 miles seem so insignificant after you’ve run 26.2 miles? I know I am starting over after a knee surgery, but I still feel like people see 6 miles and they don’t know that I’ve been capable of more, that I still am, that I am slowly building my way back up…
Anyways, here is my workout for this week:

Week of January 7 – January 13
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – 4 miles
Thursday – 3 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 7 miles
Sunday – rest

I was really ready to call off my ‘long’ run this weekend and just sit on the couch and be bummed that I was sick and couldn’t run, but then I decided to suck it the fuck up and at least try to run. I set out with a goal of a simple 3 miles and decided that would help to make up for the runs I had missed last week and I figured that half of my long run was good enough. FUCK THAT! As soon as I got past mile 1 was amped to run the full 6 miles! And the rest is history…

Yesterday my friend Andrea, who rocks in every way by the way, invited me to Super Sunday, a Beachbody event. The afternoon began with an extremely high energy workout. The workout was 30 minutes Turbo Fire and 30 minutes Insanity. Holy fuckballs was that one hell of a workout! 500 calories later and I was ready to call it a day! The Turbo Fire portion was a glow in the dark workout, so we were told to bring glow sticks from home to use, holy crap was it hard to follow a brand new workout in the dark. It was amazingly fun and so fast, you can never get bored with TurboFire. Insanity was another story, we added some body weight workouts in during that 30 minutes along with some minor cardio. I can see how Insanity would make you crazy ripped in 60 days!
Here is the room prior to the start of the workout…

Here are Andrea and myself before our workout started. I would like to thank her for her amazing photo taking abilities as well.  You see how amazingly cut she is? Yeah, that mama has had 4 babies and works her ass off to be as fit as she is. She is totally a huge fitspiration for me!


And here we are, both a sweaty mess, at the end of the glow workout. Insanity was in the light, luckily, because there was no way I was doing burpees in the dark, who knows who I would kick in the face.

Andrea is a new Beachbody coach and I went with her to check the whole situation out. I am interested in becoming a Beachbody coach in the future…and this was a good eye opener to what I would be able to do with my future.
Are any of you Beachbody coaches? Have you ever done any of the Beachbody programs?


  1. I did not have surgery, but have been nursing a bum knee for awhile now and really eased up on my mileage and those first few runs back were rough.
    I hate running sick but I did the same thing last weekend! I didn’t feel like going and always skipped it,but talked myself into doing at least 3 miles. 3 became 7 and I was so glad I went!
    You are doing great.

    • Easing up on mileage does help quite a bit with a bad knee, I just miss my LONG long runs. I guess they’ll be back before I know it if my knee keeps being awesome when I run!
      So great that you went out and did 7 miles instead of just 3, must have been something in the air for us!

  2. Andrea Longenecker says:

    It was so much fun with you there!! We rocked that workout, when we weren’t tripping over each other in the dark, lol! I can not tell you how great you made me feel from this post! You inspire me!

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