January 27 – Planning Ahead


Whenever the washer is moved out of place you know something had to have gone dangerously wrong. It did in our house last week. The house thermostat has not left the 70* mark so the house has been plenty warm, but. There is always a but. BUT the drain pipe froze. FROZE! Even with the heat blasting in the house, the pipe froze so our waste water didn’t go down the drain, but all over our laundry room. It was a very unpleasant evening to say the least. I also learned that stressful situations make me panic and get cranky.  A call to the plumber later and he broke through the ice for us so we can actually use the washer. And since we have 4 loads of laundry waiting to be washed, this is a good thing. Never would I ever guess I’d be excited to do laundry, because when you can’t do laundry, something went wrong and when something goes wrong it typically involves money. Stupid money. So now we know to pay attention to the week long forecast when doing laundry and we know that we need to insulate that pipe. Stat.

With a new week comes a new workout schedule:

Monday – Off from running, Off from Body Revolution
Tuesday – 3 miles, Body Revolution disc 1
Wednesday – 5 miles, Body Revolution disc 2
Thursday – 3 miles, Body Revolution cardio
Friday – Off from running, Body Revolution disc 1
Saturday – 10 miles, Body Revolution disc 2
Sunday – Off from running, Body Revolution cardio

As you can tell I am trying to keep myself busy busy busy this week (and the next 10 that follow). I am ankle deep in marathon training and I am finishing my first week of Body Revolution today so I don’t have time to dilly dally around. I need to follow my schedule so I can make it to marathon #2 in April!

Hopefully this week goes smoother than last week!

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