A 7 Mile Miracle

I have had an internal battle with myself going on all week so I have been itching for some mental clarity and mental freedom. The weather killed one of the runs that I had planned with Carah last week and we had missed one due to a busy evening so I was more than ready to get out and stretch my legs.

Carah was a part of Girls on the Run during the fall through her school and she found her love of running. I am the ‘running’ parent at the moment in the family so Carah has been really looking forward to getting out just as much as I was.  She hasn’t run much since her race in November so I have been taking it easy on her this week. We had one 2 miler earlier in the week so I was still only ready to take her out for another two miler, even though she was upset she couldn’t join me on my long run 7 miler this weekend.

She and I set out on a misty Sunday morning run. I think running comes so naturally to kids, but her legs are already longer than mine so running will always be easy for her if she keeps up with it. She and I set out for an easy two miles and accomplished that in around 26 minutes. I came inside, had a drink and a Gu Jet Blackberry and went out the door for my next 5 miles.

Since I have had such a rough week I contemplated skipping the second part of my run. The first 2 miles were not the best and I had a hard time breathing through the chilly January air. Thankfully, I sucked it up and go the fuck back out there. I needed that next 5 miles. I needed the sound of the music on my ipod. I needed the sound of my feet on the pavement. I needed to feel like a normal person for as long as possible. I needed to forget the struggles I have been going through with bipolar.  I have yet to truly come down from my hypomanic state that I have been suffering from since last Monday

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Sure, it was a slow 7 miles, even for this slow runner, but I was happy with the mileage none the less. It gave me 97 minutes of peace and self confidence. I truly needed that.


  1. 7 slow miles is better than no miles. I’m glad you got what you needed on your run today.

  2. You’re 7 miles/90 minute run was my motivation & push to get out there & keep running today. You’re awesome & I love ya!! I hope this next week is better for you.

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