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I am always on the lookout for a product that will give me exactly what I want at a price I can live with.  Namely, I am looking for an easy way to get protein on the go without having to lug out the blender. Enter FRS Healthy Performance products. I was given 6 drinks to try and some water bottle drink mix as well as some FRS Healthy Energy chews.

The bottles were as follows:
2 bottles of Healthy Energy
2 bottles of Healthy Protein
2 bottles of Healthy slim

I particularly enjoyed the Healthy Slim drinks, they only had 20 calories in the entire bottle and it had a great taste that didn’t seem watered down, it was a strong taste like any normal drink.

The orange healthy energy chews were not my style of chew, but the pomegranate blueberry chews were right up my alley. They were flavorful and extra chewy, the orange chews were much harder as they had a hard shell to them. But they both made my energy level feel sustained throughout the day.

My favorite find from this box of goodies were the Healthy Protein drinks!  I tried each one out after a run and I did not get tired or hungry after the run, this is a great amount of protein and it tastes great! Some protein drinks are gritty and generally unpleasant, so these were a great change of pace!  They are pre-mixed and ready to drink. I preferred my drinks to be cold so I made sure I had them in the fridge long enough before my runs that I could enjoy a nice cold protein drink post run!

I will be buying the Healthy Protein drinks again, they were flavorful and delicious, next time you are out at the grocery store or drug store, look around for some FRS products, you’ll be happy you did! You can also search for a retail location for FRS products HERE.

**I was given FRS products to try through Fitfluential, all product was free to me but my opinions are my own. View my disclosure policy above for questions. 

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