December 31, 2012: Re-dedication time

My weight loss over the last 2 months had been very steady up until 2 weeks ago. I had hit 131 pounds (remember that I am only 5’1″) and I was ready to bust into the 120’s at any moment. Then, I gained 2 pounds, lost 1 pound, lost 1 pound, gained 2 pounds….you get the idea. I am basically stuck at 131 pounds. I have gained and lost the same 2 pounds over the last 2 weeks and I am ready to see some 120’s on my scale. So I am rededicating myself to Body By Vi shakes. I am not selling anything so there is no need to close your browser, I am just commenting on what has helped me to lose the weight and helping to keep myself in check. Talking with other people about my 13 pound weight loss has helped keep me committed and not binge nightly on craptastic foods like I used to. I would seriously sit in front of the television and eat anything my heart desired. And I wonder why I was 143 pounds and in the overweight BMI range?

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I am trying a high protein, low fat diet in the hopes that I can bust through this plateau and start actually losing weight again. I am also going to add in more cardio to the mix as well as some weight training. The thing that I am not looking forward to is getting up early to go running in the dark. Running in the dark doesn’t bother me, I have a crazy bright vest so I am highly visible, it’s the getting up early part that kills me. I love my sleep, as most people do, but giving up my sleep to become more fit, toned and slender, I think I can make that sacrifice.  If my friend Amy from Texas can do it, then I can sure as shit try my best!
Did I mention that Jeff and I are going to Las Vegas for the first time!?  Yes, I have been there numerous times for work, but I have stayed clear of anything that was considered run because Jeff and I wanted to experience it together, so I have been there more than 6 times and never done anything more fun than shopping. Okay, that is fun, but not to Jeff. Anyways, I want to be in better bathing suit weather come the end of January so I don’t look mushy when I try and lay out by the pool!

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Starting tomorrow, January 1, 2013, I will rededicate myself to running. I have a 5K tomorrow that I will run and the passion I have for running will kick back in once I get a few miles under my belt. Plus, this should help me with some of my plateau-busting! Do you have any tried and true plateau busting tricks for me? I could sure use the help!  My new winter running motto: See below…

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I remember how much I LOVE winter running! Running in the snow is one of my favorite times to run. Running in the summer heat makes me feel like death so I try and avoid running when the temperature is over 75*, seriously. I don’t see how people run in the heat.  I know weight loss, if done correctly, doesn’t happen overnight or even in a few weeks. I know that I need to dedicate myself to running, eating better and getting my protein in each day now that 2013 is here. I promise to also be around more here, posting more regularly and showing all of my slow running pictures!
Tomorrow is my first 5K in over 6 months, I’m excited!!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!
Have a safe night!


  1. Protein is a great idea. I just bought some protein powder to make quick shakes at home to help me out. I have a new workout plan in place and less pressure over running – I want it to be fun – not a chore. But I think I might see a gain in weight here as a rebuild muscle. I am at a decent weight right now but mostly flabby.

    Do you like spin? Big calorie burner. I’m going to try going to a few classes to kick-start things.

    Happy New Year!!

    • I bought some single serving protein shakes at Costco the other day, It helps me when I want to take them to work for snacks or right after a workout.
      I actually have never been spinning before, but normal biking puts a slight strain on my knee so I don’t know if I ever want to try it because of that strain on my knee.

  2. I’m ready to kick things back into gear again as well. Protein helps, but I always fear it slows my weight loss and keeps me in limbo. Maybe it’s just my other habits not lending a helping hand. Las Vegas should be fun 🙂 I’ve not been there yet, trying to plan a time we can go!!!

    Good luck on your 5k 🙂

    As for your comment about spinning – it will put a little bit of strain on the knee, just as biking would – but you can skip the jumps if you want and just stick to following the other routine if you’re willing to give it a shot. I used to love it, but now, when I go, I have to skip the jumps, or I can barely walk for the next few days because of my knee.

    Happy New Years Eve 🙂

    • Hello, Susan! I have always had great luck with higher protein than fat, like a 3:1 ratio kinda thing. It helps me drop weight and keeps me feeling full.
      I have honestly been scared to spin, there seems to be a rhythm to it that I don’t know if I have!

  3. hey! i love winter running too – there’s something about running in the peaceful, beautiful snow and coming home to warm up with hot tea and a warm shower. i see your comments above about being nervous for spinning – i’m not sure what your knee injury was (i had 2 knee surgeries last year!) but spinning is a ‘go at your own pace’ deal – you can push as hard or not as you’re comfortable! i really loved it while i was getting back into fitness after surgery! best of luck!

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