The weekend randoms

After taking the week to recover after Homecoming and the busiest fall at work since I started at the U, I am finally feeling refreshed. I spent some quality time with my Bo and spent a great night having dinner with my grandparents before they jet off to Florida for the winter.

I have the weekend to clean up the house and get some laundry done and maybe pre-make some dinners for the kids and Jeff but then Monday is the day. Monday is knee surgery #5 day. I have had all 5 surgeries on my right knee. When I was 15 I hurt my knee playing some off season soccer. I ended up hyper-extending my knee, twisting it and tearing quite a few things in the process. When my knee swelled up to the size of my soccer ball and the ambulance got there, I knew I had done some damage. 4 surgeries, 4 half marathons and 1 marathon later I am having some trouble straightening my leg. There is something blocking my knee from even straightening so I am walking with a mega limp right now. I am totally ready for my surgery on Monday. Sure, I am nervous but I am ready to walk normally again.

Other than that I am also worried that I may not be able to run anymore. I know I shouldn’t think the worst, but now that I have fallen in love with running I feel like I would have such a huge whole in my life. But, should I be able to run again…I am going to run a spring marathon. Go big or go home. I want to take the proper time to train and rehab, but I think that I can beat my time from my first marathon…I know I can.

Even though I have not been able to run in the past month, I am doing a great job at losing weight so far. I have lost over 6# and I am on my way to losing 20 more!
Otherwise, life is as normal as it gets in the Kessler household.
Have a great weekend!

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