Wednesday’s Stray Thoughts

What’s this?  A third post in as many days?  Wow. Something much be awry in the Kessler household.
Let the posting commence:

  • I have been trying to drink the suggested 8 cups of water per day. Typically I drink this much without problem, but with 90% of it being right before bed. That’s when I’m the most thirsty during the day but it makes me pee like crazy all night. In order to keep myself sleeping at night I bought a 32 oz water bottle and I am trying to drink 2 of them during the day, which would be the 8 cups of water I mentioned. I am seriously kicking ass at this part, because it is right in my face, telling me to have just One More Drink!  Hey, it works!

  • We went over to a friend’s house for dinner last night, which was excellent by the way, and Jeff and I decided to take Bo along with us. He was the center of attention, and was able to give so many kisses to everyone in the room that he tuckered himself right out, so when we got home he flopped on the couch and slept the whole night through. This is a rarity in our house so we were surprised to say the least.  We did get a fantastic picture of Bo posing with our friend Bob from the evening…

To answer any impending questions…Yes, Bo can shoot lasers out of his eyes. Special talent, we know.

  • And saving the best for last…I finally got my new Erin Condren Life Planner in the mail yesterday!
    View the excitement:
     I got dark gray and a pink stripe for the cover with the following quote under my name: Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up. I figured that this didn’t only apply to running, but to life in general, so this will be what I read everyday for the next 12+ months. I hope it works!  I really want to stop starting things and NEVER finishing them.

What’s your random Wednesday thought?


  1. Love the planner!!! Is there a website?! And by the way your hair looks great 🙂

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