Vicarious Plans

My Friday has been so fabulous.  Not only did it involve a trip to the social security office (everyone’s idea of fun on a Friday), but it also involved me climbing in my passenger door just to get into my drivers seat of the car.  No, my door is not broken, some idiot parked his Lexus RIGHTTHEFUCKNEXTTOMYCAR. It was like his car was magnetically attracted to my car and it just parked itself on the yellow line, leaving me helpless at getting in my own drivers seat door.

Other than that parking fiasco today has been a seriously quiet Friday so far. I’m not complaining or anything…just taking note. Our weekend is pretty light on the activities so I am looking forward to having time to actually be at home!

On Monday afternoon I head to the Orthopedic Surgeon…I think I have a lateral meniscus tear on my right knee. Now, remember that I have already had 4 right knee surgeries so this isn’t anything that I am even raising an eyebrow at. I am not scared of surgery or operations, I am actually welcoming to them for the most part. Generally, my knee is in pain before an operation and afterwards…I am pain free!  So I am hoping that he will tell me that I need to have a quick operation to get rid of the tear and that I can be back to running after a few weeks. I know that it will be hard work and all, no operation is a cake walk, but I am honestly welcoming it now. As I walk I can feel the tear in between my bones and it clicks quite a bit.  Sure, that was TMI, but I felt that it needed to be shared.

What are your weekend plans?  Any great runs I can live vicariously through you for??


  1. omg i hate asshole parkers like that!!!
    I’ve had to climb in the other side with my kids to get them in the car because of jerks like that!

    and I hope things go well with your knee soon!

  2. hopefully you can get your knee fixed up quickly…i’m pretty sure i also have a meniscal tear going on but i am trying to finish out the running season before i get a 2nd consult

  3. I have had to do the same thing before to get into my vehicle. UGH !!!

    I try to park out in the middle of nowhere if I can. Another way to avoid all human kind.

  4. Too bad you couldn’t figure out a way into your car from jumping off the roof of his…idiot!

  5. Hope the appt.goes well

  6. It’s such a risk parking a loved car in any parking lot. So glad you could get in. All you needed was a BMW parked on the other side just as close. Then you would just have to LOL.

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