Aaaaaaaaaannnnd Breathe.

The past few months have been a blur. I have been dying to get back to my regular blogging schedule but work and sleep have gotten in my way. Luckily, some of the busiest times are behind me so I will be able to get back to what I love doing…running and writing.  I have not run a single step in over 2 months, which is obscene!
I looked over my calendar this morning and realized that I have an event, a tailgate or I am traveling out of town for work every week from now until Thanksgiving. I really have to make time for myself again, I have to make time to run and I have to make time to relax.

Otherwise, life is pretty good lately. Jeff and I are still happily married, going on 4 weeks now. Life is much the same as it has been for the previous 5 years with Jeff so getting married didn’t really change much about my life, except my last name. I officially changed it last week and I am still in the process of changing it with all of the small places…bills, credit card, insurance, car title…all the fun stuff.

Since I have vowed to myself to lose 20 pounds between now and the end of the year, I had to come up with a kick ass workout schedule. So I did…(click on it to enlarge)

Of course the running is easy to decipher, but the JM = Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. I plan on doing her entire 12 week BR course while I am running and training for my next half and hopefully for my next marathon. Yup.  I said next marathon.  I am thinking of doing another one, even though I told myself to never do another one again…we’ll see what happens.  So I will mix together the JM plan and running to create a svelte me.  I hope!


  1. Wow, that is quite the adventurous weight loss plan – I don’t know much about the body revolution, but the shred kicked my butt so badly, I couldn’t imagine doing it on top of the running plan you have laid out. You go girl!

    Lol, have to laugh about the marathon plan, I did the same thing after my first half marathon. Have managed to stay away from a full so far, but running does suck you in!

    • It is adventurous…I need to kick start my life in a new direction. I lack dedication. I lack focus. Hopefully giving myself a rigid schedule and some lofty goals will help me stay in check!
      The Body Revolution is like doing the 30 day shred 6 days a week. It is awesome though!

  2. Funny how those “I’ll never do it again” moments end up biting us in the butt!
    If for your weight loss journey, can I also suggest You can download the app on your phone. At first I made fun of it. I actually made fun of it in a post, but then I tried it. I lost four lbs. in one week! It is now the weekend, so myfitnesspal is tucked away in a drawer, but I will rejoin his cult today. I find it easier to calory restrict when I’m busy with school and work. Anyway, just a suggestion. Although like i said before, I think you look luscious darling!

    • I already use myfitnesspal and LOVE it! I just needed to start actually using it more often and for the right things, I can report that I have been eating at or around my daily calorie goal for the last week!
      If you want to be friends I am Amanda_Runs!

  3. I love that you are doing the Santa Hustle! I was not brave enough to sign up for the half marathon (i am a cold wuss), so I will only be doing the 5K…see you there!

  4. Thank you for being my motivation! I saw your goal to lose 20lbs before the end of the year…. I’ve been saying I need to lose weight–I haven’t been able to run consistently since GCM half because of medical issues so I’ve gained the weight I lost training for that. When I saw your note you were going to lose, I decided to start. I’m on day two and lost two pounds already!

    I’ll see you at the Trick or Trot. My work puts that on every year, so I’ll be helping out and participating in some way too.


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