5 miles is a good running week?

With football season in full swing I rarely get a full weekend to myself anymore so I try and take advantage of the 1 day a week I do get off of work. I try and jam a nap, a shower, grocery shopping, running and working out, walking the dog, and 5+ loads of laundry into my day ‘off.’ Seems like an oxymoron to me.
But I try and get things finished so that the rest of the week will run smoothly for me. I hate when my weeknights are hectic and stressful, I prefer dinner to be already cooked or cooking in the crockpot so when I get home all I have to do is change into my comfy clothes and call it quits for the night.

On Sunday I had a blast with this little guy:
Yes, his ass is sitting on the back of the couch in true Bo fashion. This dog sure has quite the personality, he knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it.  (the answer is always NOW, by the way.)  I really can’t believe that it has been an entire year since we have had our Bo with us. I can’t imagine things without him at this point.

Even though I did have to rush around on Sunday and get 338 things accomplished, I found the time to enjoy this:
A truly beautiful day. I was driving to the grocery store and realized that the sky was brilliant with clouds and that the sun was everywhere…so naturally I pulled some Instagram action on that.

In running news, I ran a total of 5 miles in the last week…sure, that seems really low for someone who ran a marathon just 5 months ago, but I did end up taking 2 months off of running entirely as a refresher. It feels great getting back to it, let me tell ya. I started taking Bo out for my shorter runs and not only does it wear him out for the night, but it is great exercise that he doesn’t get since we don’t have a fenced in yard.  I am starting off slow with my mileage because I THINK that I have
I also found the time to dye my hair on Sunday…I guess the day can’t be all work.
Speaking of work. This place is freezing. Freezing. I am wearing gloves in my office because my fingers are like ice. The air has been turned off for weeks now, but the heat won’t come on for another month or so. OMG I may freeze to death before then.

So, I am happily back to running, already losing weight towards my goal of being under 120 lb by Christmas and my darling husband surprised me with an iphone 4s…what else do I need in life, right?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Because we are both shorties I’ll mention where I’m at. I’m at 120 right now but trying to get to 110 or 108. Which is what I was back when I was HARDCORE.OMG.IRUN.ALL.THE.TIME.

    So sounds like we both have at leat 10 lbs to go. Running sucks in a way because it gets your bod in shape like whoa and then if you stop running you feel sludge. It’s like a Catch-22.

    • I would die to be at 120, I know I am heavy heavy heavy at 140 right now, I did have some medicine issues that made me gain weight terribly easy, but I am battling against that now (trying to at least!).

  2. Good to see you are back to running again (we all need a break from it sometimes)…and your hair looks great!

    • I did need a break, but now I am kicking myself for taking such a long one…now that I am slow getting back at it! Thanks!!!

  3. Yup, seems like you had a pretty good week. And really, you do inspire me towards wanting to remain fit. It’s just so hard after a day on my feet on the ward where I work, but it has to be done. I’d take 5 miles in a week anytime. Good for you. You are inspiring me. Truly.

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