Wednesday’s Stray Thoughts.

  • I am helping a good friend out by watching her cute little kitty while she is off having a fantastic summer vacation with her cutie little girls.  The reason I never mind helping her out is because she is awesome, she lives close to me and because she lets me raid her garden.  I picked up some ripe vegetables yesterday…now I just need to decide what the hell to do with them.
  • I went out for a run yesterday in the 96* heat.  I knew it was hot so I went prepared with a water bottle filled with ice. By the time I finished a short 2.4 mile run I had burned 555 calories and the water in the bottle was too hot to comfortably drink.  Holy hotness batman. But I am proud that I at least got out there in the heat and started running again.  It was worth it!  Only 44 days until the wedding and I have to Bring It everyday!
     My Bo wanted to go outside on a run with me, he was whining and waiting by the door just dying to go with me. With the heat so high I couldn’t take my little Bo outside with good conscience.  I, reluctantly, had to leave him in his cage while I went out and sweated it out.
  • Jeff has me totally hooked on a new to me tv show, The Killing.  It is thorough, interesting, full of twists and OMGIFUCKINGLOVE IT.
  • Oh, and Happy July 4th!  Hope you all enjoy America’s birthday!

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