Ohio Michigan 8K 2012

Last Thursday I ran in the Ohio Michigan 8K, an evening race, that happened to be hotter than hell.  And to my recollection, it was hotter than all get out last year as well.

This was the same course as last year so I knew what I was in for….lots of sun, lots of farm land and even more sun.

Even with the simplicity of this course, I really love this race. I like how easy it is to get around (not get lost), and it is a fun distance to run.  I even made a new (old) friend at this race!  Jen and I met around mile 2 and pushed each other until the finish line!  Come to find out that we are facebook friends already, weird, right?  So we paced together really well and I think I have a future running buddy in her.

At the end of the race I was beat.  I knew I didn’t beat my time from the race last year (59 minutes) but I did only slow down by 5 minutes (1:04) and since I have not really been training to the best of my ability, I am pretty happy with that time.

All in all a great race that I will gladly run each year!


  1. Interesting distance. Glad you had fun. I’m not a fan of evening races because they are always so dang hot!

  2. Michele says:

    The scenery looks familiar!! Plus the heat

  3. 🙂 love the blog- let me know your race schedule. I may have quit if I was out there alone! Great Race!
    Holy Hotness! Terrible Asthma! I’m down for some cooler race. Stay in-touch & run like you’re being chased.

    • Here are some of my possible upcoming races. I am also running the race for literacy at Owens this Sunday… 8.1 – Soul to Sole 5K
      8.22 – Miles for Missions 5K
      8.25 – Wabash Cannonball 5K
      9.8 – Sunshine Run, Rock and Roll 5K

  4. Roger Bucher says:

    I ran that same hot miserable race and hated every minute from my first step until the last. I barely edged out a close friend of mine at the finish line. Now of course I am glad I ran it and am looking for a good 10K to try.
    I have not found the official results posted anywhere. Have you?

  5. Good to know you had fun! I was happy when I was finished with that one. The watermelon and beer were kick-ass.

  6. What a great, inspirational story! RIght on, Lori! You have done an amnizag job taking control of your life and making healthy changes. Great job!

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