It has absolutely been one of those days.

There are some days where life just sucks and you want a bottle of wine and a girlfriend to chat with.
Today is that day.  Seriously, I can just feel all of the girl hormones building up for a huge bout of fun crying later on this evening.  Probably after my run and during my wine.  Luckily I still have my run left for today so I can free some of my girly emotions without going crazy at home.

Of course that will all be after I make dinner and then clean my filthy house.

FML indeed.


  1. Ditto here big time… Call or email me anytime to vent as maybe we can help each other even though we have never me!!

  2. Switch the wine out for a Bud Light Lime-A-Rita 🙂 How can you be sad when you say that word? I found it chased away my Sunday blues this past weekend quite well!

    • I have not tried those…are they good? Worth it??
      And no, you can’t be sad after saying that name!

  3. Well, make sure you have a good ol’ fashion ugly cry. Those are the best.
    Sorry you had a fucking shitty day…have to say, I’m digging a blog where the first word I see in big bold letters is “Fuck”…

    • I love the ugly cry! Snot flying around everywhere….your shirt soaked with salty tears.
      And thanks for coming on over…I’m going to have to be a regular reader. I love narcissism.

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