A Weekend Recap

Even with doing an ass ton of stuff we managed to have just about as much fun as is legally possible in these parts without getting into large fights or getting arrested.. Aside from eating poorly and not exercising on purpose at all, I’ll say it was a banner weekend.

We woke up early on Saturday, totally on purpose, to go to a free program, given by The Toledo Zoo at the vet’s office that my Bo goes to.  The Zoo employee brought a fox pelt, skull, marbled salamander, an owl and art projects with him to fill the 2 hours of fun we were going to have.

We took the kids out to eat at Jed’s, a local sports bar.  We sat outside, because that is what you do when it is 90+ degrees outside.  We like to sweat freely, why mask the stench with the air conditioning?

We experienced some large and painful hail on Sunday night.

We celebrated the birthday of the man that I love.  Jeff, everyone.  It’s Jeff.

Jeff and I finished laying the pavers for the hot tub.  Now comes the easy part…moving it, cleaning it with 15 bottles of bleach because we don’t know if a hooker died in there, running electrical outside to the hot tub, testing the hot tub to see if it even works, painting the exterior to match our deck, praying to God and to cupcakes that it holds water and then try and get ourselves into hot tubbing shape.  See, almost finished.

 I hope Jeff had a great weekend…just enough work to keep him honest and enough down time to let him recover.

Happy Tuesday all!

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