Friday Wants for June 29

  • Another paycheck.  I wish I received 3 paychecks every single month.  Who doesn’t like more money floating around in their bank account?
  • More hours in the day to hang out with my friends.  I have been trying to make plans with my friend Andrea, but life keeps happening.  What the hell is that all about?  Can’t everything just hold off so I can have like 2 hours of girl time?
  • I have made a very grown up and very hard decision about Mena and Charlie Murphy.  Very hard.  But more on that when I stop being depressed about it.
  • There are only 49 days left until Jeff and I get married.  To those who care we are getting married at our house in the backyard.  The wedding itself is more like Jeff and I standing on our deck, saying I do in front of our families and then having a party afterwards.  Totally klassy if I say so myself.  The only thing we are missing is a banjo player and a harmonica.  But I really need to lose some weight in the next 49 days.  I am going to be strict with my eating and with my exercising.  I am desperate to not look back on whatever pictures the random people at our wedding take (since we aren’t having a photographer) and think I look fat and chubby.  Even though Jenna R. and I agree that chubby is the new skinny…I think I am ready to quit chubby. I cannot be a chubby bride….
  • Speaking of the wedding.  I was going to post pictures of my outfit here but I cannot find the shorts online anymore, yes shorts, and the tank picture looks wonky when I post it, so take this away from the post: I am wearing shorts and a tank top to my wedding.  Klassy, I told you.
  • This.  I want this.
  • And this.
  • I also want this, and then I would like thighs that don’t rub so I could actually wear it!
     Hey.  It could happen.  Someday.

    Happy Friday!  Any fun weekend plans or races?

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