Advocare & The 24-Day Challenge.

Recently I found out about a new opportunity to better my health, my family and my financial future.

I am typically not one to sell things or jump on board a company that I have not thoroughly investigated. So i checked out Advocare, asked some of my friends about their experiences and then decided it was time to become a distributor of these great products. Think GNC products but with more of a medical background, unpaid celebrity endorsements and great all natural products.  Sure, I am skeptical of new things too.  But by become a distributor I get an automatic 20% off of the products and have the opportunity to get an automatic 40% off of all products.

I heard about Advocare through the 24-Day Challenge.

 A friend had lost 9# and gained energy during the first week of her challenge so I was naturally intrigued.
I am on day 4 today.
I have not had sugar in 4 days.
I have not had my beloved Diet Coke in 4 days.
I have not had bread in 4 days.
And I feel fantastic.
I am loving Advocare and the 24-day challenge so I wanted to share my success thus far.
I have lost just over 1 pound and I have lost the bloat in my belly already. I am hoping for a 5 pound loss through this challenge, I am happy and ready to take on the next 20 days of this challenge!

Interested in learning more about Advocare?
Visit this page and learn about becoming a distributor of these great products or visit this page to learn more about the products I have available.
Take control of your health, wellness and your financial future with Advocare.


  1. I do Advocare too! (I’m a Distributor) It started with a friend of ours telling us about the 24 Day Challenge. We did the Challenge (twice) and LOVED it (and I lost 10 lbs). This is what got me off of Diet Coke for good (8 months and counting). BEST thing I ever did. I’m so excited you found this. Keep us all posted on how you like the products and the Challenge. 🙂

    • I am loving the challenge so far!
      DID you do the 2 challenges back to back??

      • Oh no. We did the first one in October and then I managed to gain back all of the weight I lost during the first go-round (fab), so I did it again in March and lost 8 lbs and have managed to keep them off since. The key is to keep eating “24 Day Challenge style” after the 24 days is up. Which is damn near impossible in my world, but I try. But the Diet Coke thing was a HUGE victory for me. One Spark per day (drank at 10am) has replaced 10 Diet Cokes per day for me. No lie. (I was a totally Diet Coke junkie)

  2. Melissa Orner says:

    I also became an Advocare Distributor a few months ago! It first started with my boyfriend, and then he got me hooked into the 24 day challenge. You are absolutely right Kerry, the key is to keep eating “24 Day Challenge style” even after the 24 days are up! It’s difficult, but at the same time once you begin eating in such a healthy manner, it makes you never want to go back to your old ways again! Of course there are still cravings, but in the end that is ok as long as you don’t overindulge. I am absolutely hooked on Spark! I was one who could never get through the day without my daily cup of coffee in the morning and since being on Advocare I can’t even remember the last time that I had a cup of coffee…and I DON’T miss it. Overall Advocare has changed my lifestyle of eating, and I feel better than ever. Congratulations to everyone here who has had success with the program. Keep it up!

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