The Recap Edition

I have only 11 days and 20 hours until the starting gun sounds for my first marathon and holy shitballs do I have a case of the ‘OMGWHYTHEHELLAMIDOINGTHIS’.  I am nervous. Very nervous.  And also a tad excited.  The training I have been putting in for the past 3 months had better freaking pay off.  By pay off I mean – I simply want to finish the marathon with a respectable time of under 6 hours.  Yes, that is all I am hoping for is under 6 hours.
In order to psych myself up I have been looking at some past race pictures so I can relive the glory of my Towpath half marathon PR…

That always makes me feel better…Ah….PR’s are such a great mood lifter.

Jeff and I also just got back from the Pigeon Forge, TN area for a long weekend with the kids…they absolutely loved it!  They loved the mountains, the activities and most of all…the hot tub in the cabin!

I’m off to run my last long run before my taper begins…wish me 20 miles of luck!


  1. You got this!!! Too bad the trip wasn’t after the race. That hot tub would be nice!

  2. Hope your 20 miler went well!!

  3. I think the first time racing any new distance is nerve wracking! I hope the 20 went great and you can stay relaxed for your taper!

  4. OMG I am so excited for you! And a little bit terrified at the same time! Cannot wait to read all about it! You will do great!!

  5. I like the hot tub
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