Glass City Marathon Recap

I really don’t even know where to start with this.  I am still so overwhelmed by everything that happened on Sunday that my mind is just racing. In order to not miss anything I’ll just run through my day from the start.
I did my normal morning routine of oatmeal, playing with Bo (who now shoots lasers out of his eyes) and wondering why the hell I enjoy getting up so early for races…
 Michele and I lined up at the starting line, which was PACKED!  There were about 6,000 runners this year and only 850 of them were signed up for the full marathon so the half was the popular event it seems.
After the start of the race it took us 5 minutes to get from our starting point (in the back) to where we actually cross the starting line.  We ran through some beautiful neighborhoods…

We saw Santa Claus with what appeared to be an apostle or an angel, they were not clear on that issue…

And then we hit the park, which was beautiful with the early spring that we have had!
After we split from the half marathoners you could tell that we were in the back of the pack.  We barely saw anyone at all!
Plus, the race course started to get boring at this time, a lot of straight shots and nothing to look at really…
Once we made it through the first part of boringsville we hit the Sylvania neighborhoods, and luckily that came at a great time to give us something to look at.  You really have to condition your mind to not have anything to look at or focus on during this race I have noticed.
I got bored (surprise!) so I took a few pictures…

And found some ducks and geese who were obviously cheering us on…
 Luckily we were close to the mile 21 marker.  I had been looking forward to mile 21 for over 10 miles by this point.  Mile 21 was where my loving family was coming to cheer me on as I ran past them!
We ran over the boardwalk of death and LSD inside the park so that I could find these sweet people waiting for me…

Then the real issues began.  I said my goodbyes and realized how loving my family is then I started to have some knee issues.  My knee was hurting every time I ran on it.  Walking = good.  Running = jolting pain.  Since my knee has always dictated my pace, marathon or not, I was not going to ignore it now so I walked.  And walked.  AND walked the last 5 miles.  Took for-fucking-ever, but those 5 miles passed.  Here are the glorious views of the last 5 miles:
Yes, it was hideously boring!
But we finally made it back to the campus of UToledo and we were in the home stretch.
I ran into the Glass Bowl (football stadium) and saw my amazing support system waiting for me.
They had signs that read ‘YOU CAN DO IT NANA’, ‘YOU ARE A MARATHONER’, ‘GO AMANDA’.
And those signs really do help people, make signs for your runners!
Then the next time I looked up Jeff had gotten down on one knee and flipped his sign over.
It now read ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’.
I stopped running and was speechless.  SPEECHLESS!
Michele yelled to me ‘FINISH THE RACE AMANDA’.  I had stopped before the tag readers and hadn’t even finished the race yet I was so preoccupied!
Of course I said YES once I crossed the finish line.
And yes, Jeff is almost the same height as me when he is on his knee and I am standing up.  He’s tall.
And here is a hideous picture of the 4 of us!  Isn’t my Jeffykins just the best!!!
 So there you have it.  My first marathon and then my surprise engagement!
My goal was to finish around 5:30 but with the walking I was forced to do I didn’t quite make it.  I didn’t even make it for the ‘sanctioned’ time limit on the course.  My information:
 Haha, but I wasn’t last!  That was my second goal and I hit that one!
I don’t know if I’ll do another marathon in the future, I really like the half marathon distance for me.  It doesn’t hurt my knee and it is still a challenge to get to the finish line…but I will never say never to another!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Congratulations on finishing and your engagement!! So cool!!

  2. Love your engagement story! That’s awesome.

    You verified for me why I don’t want to marathon anytime soon. Would take me FOREVER.

    Curious how your recovery has been going?

    • I love that he did it on such a special day!
      My legs hurt like I had them run over by a semi a few times….that was yesterday though, today they feel slightly better. I am looking forward to being able to go down stairs without gripping the railing for dear life once again!

  3. stacey copeland says:

    First off Congrats on the engagement what a cool & exciting surprise!!! Second reading your marathon experiences and everyone else’s also just gives me goosebumps! What an incredible accomplishment you achieved….you should be very proud especially with that knee pain! As a newfound distance runner
    lol ok short distance runner lol….I know how much strength and dedication it takes, can’t imagine finding enough of those for 26.2 miles though!!! Congrats on such an awesome day!

  4. sandy --your Mom says:

    we all had tears in our eyes. Great job on finishing your 1st Marathon !!!!!!!!! And added bonus engaged at the end. Love, Mom

  5. lindsaybelle says:

    SO proud & happy happy for you!! The most important thing is that you finished!!
    Love you girl! Congrats again!

  6. Congrats on the marathon! That gives me such hope as I’m doing my first half next weekend. I hope the weather was better down in Toledo than here just north of Detroit as it was so windy Saturday! Your blog helps me with my running and I appreciate it all!

    And awesome way to get engaged too:)

    • It was Seriously windy on Sunday, that didn’t help with the chilly air at all! Which race is your first half? How has training been going?


      • My first half is the Flying Pig in Cincinnati (I’ll wave as I drive down 75!). Training has been ok. I’m so ready to be done running though so I think I started a few weeks too early. I’m taking today as mental health day and trying not to care that I’m missing miles. I did a 10k two weeks ago after rest and took 7 minutes off my time from my last one so hopefully that’s a good sign!

  7. Great story!! I loved that group of people dressed up with Santa. I couldn’t figure out at first of the “priest” was for real or not but I’m pretty darn sure it was a joke (hope so!). The university trail was SOOOO boring I think I just cranked up my music and zoned! You did such a great job!! I found it funny that Michelle had to remind you to finish the race!! Lov it!! Congrats!!

    • yes she totally had to remind me that. The santa was weird……..I think they were a little smokey smokey that day perhaps.

  8. CONGRATS! Both on completing your first marathon and on the engagement. 🙂

  9. Most exciting marathon recap I’ve read! I love that you forgot to cross the finish line when you saw Jeff’s sign. Congrats again!

  10. I absolutely love your engagement story (those Bridal magazines now seem like they were a “hint” now!) and you are officially a MARATHONER! what a great weekend! even if you never decide to run another marathon again, you will always remember that moment for everything that went into and became a part of it. enjoy wedding planning and congrats again on the engagement!!

  11. Pamela B says:

    Once again Amanda, such a GREAT story, I’m so glad you got through the marathon, you toughed it out like a trooper!!!! Congrats on the engagement, enjoy it, because it goes by so fast! Can’t wait to start hearing the wedding details! 😀

  12. Maybe next year I’ll get out for one of the races at Glass City (my mom lives there still and the race is near her b’day).

    You WIN! Engaged is better than a podium finish. 🙂

  13. Aw, what a cute engagement story! Congrats on the race, too!

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