mile by mile: 2011 in review

Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a relaxing day off (if you got one)!

When I started running in January 2011 I decided to keep a mileage log so I could keep track of my progress and because I am incredibly forgetful unless it is written down to go back to and reference.

Thankfully, I stuck with the mileage log and here are the monthly numbers I accumulated:

January:  6.92
Hey, I started slow…

February:  21.19
I still had zero goals in mind for the year but I know I envisioned losing 10 pounds by running.  Yeah, that didn’t quite happen at all.

March:  61.03
I ran my first race EVER and I found my running goal. I gave myself 8 weeks to train for my first half marathon!

April: 52.28
My first half marathon!

May: 21.14
Lost a slight amount of interest in running, plus work got crazy busy at times.

June: 45.52
Summer race season kicked off and I took advantage

July: 54.48
My second half marathon and my longest run to date; 13.35.

August: 46.01
Hot running.  Super, stupid, hot running

September: 16.2
Half marathon number 3 and the month I gave up on running so I didn’t get burned out.

October: 27.66
Perfect running weather mixed with a very busy work schedule mixed with a very busy football schedule…

November: 15.73
More perfect running weather ruined with a very busy work and football work schedule…

December:  18.44
My last few races of the year and the slow start of my marathon training.

Total Mileage: 386.50

So, this is really low to most runners but this is exactly 386.5o more miles than I have ever run on purpose.  I am damned proud to say the least.

I don’t have a mileage goal for 2012 but I am aiming for 600-750 as a minimum.

Do you make a mileage goal?
How many miles did you run in 2011?


  1. You had a good year.

    I track mileage by month, but have never bothered to total it by year. Maybe I should….

  2. Sounds pretty good to me! I’m not actually sure how many miles I ran in 2011 since I switched GPS devices and didn’t get on Daily Mile until part way through the year. I’d guess 500? You will have quite a bit of mileage this year with your marathon training!

    • I track mine with pen and paper…I come in from running and go straight to my running log.
      All of the running websites are too much for me for some reason.
      If I follow my marathon training I’ll have over 350 between now and April 22…so I’ll double 2011’s mileage I think.

  3. I loved this post. My 2011 mileage was 394 and I was thrilled. It was my first year running too and I’m hoping for 800 miles in 2012!

  4. Go you! How is marathon training?

  5. Ooh, that’s great for your first year of running!! And a great goal for 2012. You’ll definitely get up there, considering you’re in marathon training now. I just added all of my miles up for 2011 and I was like “really, that’s it??” It was 213.34. This year, I am hoping to double that. We’ll see… 🙂

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