Rossford Rudolph 5K plus a light show

Last Saturday I ran in the Rossford Rudolph 5K.  This was a relatively small race located at a community center only 4 miles away from my house.  Less driving = happiness for everyone.
This race had zero spectators, probably because it was under 20* and it was lightly snowing, but it did have some amazing police support.
There were law enforcement officials at every major intersection and an entire lane of the street was blocked off for runners…not too bad!
Here I am as I lined up at the start line, you’ll notice I am in the back of the pack!

The entire race was through neighborhoods and we had a few good spots where we had a view of the Maumee River but otherwise, this was it:
This is probably only an issue with short runners.
Let me rephrase that.
This is probably only an issue with short runners who don’t have over $75 to spend on running tights that come in specific lengths.
After a run my tights are bunched up around my knees.  Look at all of that excess material gone to waste on my 61″ of height.

But on the other hand…don’t my knees look dead sexy with this bunching?
I know, right?!

After I pretended to clean the house we took the kids back to Rossford (it’s a city) to look at Christmas lights.  Not just any lights but one of those houses that times its’ lights to music.  Tune to a certain radio station and park in front of their house for 25 minutes and you’ve got a night that’ll make even the chattiest 4 year old boy shut up.
Sure, I may be talking about Brady.  That boy talks like he gets paid per word.

The show was really great though, the time that gets put into this is just astounding to me.

Now that I am caught up on Saturday I need to figure out where the last 2 days went, I had great intentions on writing, but life seemed to have happened.

Are you ready for your holiday season? 


  1. I have the same problem with running tights. Although, it’s usually around my ankles instead of my knees. <—that sounds creepy, but I'm leaving it.

  2. Andrea@Running 4 Mamas Comeback says:

    You are SO motivating! I can’t believe how many races you’ve done so far!! I swear they need to figure out the perfect cost effective running pants/shorts for women runners!!

  3. I don’t have that problem with running tights, but I’m surprised they don’t make tights in “short” and “tall”. What do poor tall chicks do in the winter? Their poor ankles! 🙂

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