Merry and Happy Christmas Sunday

Or Happy Chanukah Sunday.  Or happy regular Sunday off of work.  Just be happy damnit.

Since Jeff won’t let me dress Bo up in a cute Santa or reindeer outfit, this is the best I can offer on a beautiful and oddly warm Christmas day in NW Ohio.

Seriously, it is 40* out today.  Totally warm considering it is normally in the low 20*’s. Christmas miracle or weather anomaly?

Whatever.  Jeff and I have no kids today and no family plans so we were treated to homemade (and 100% sub par to McDonald’s bacon/egg/cheese biscuit) bacon/egg/cheese biscuits.  Nothing you make at home can ever hold a candle to McDonald’s.  Ah…i thought that Christmas would be the best day to treat ourselves to fattening deliciousness.  McDonald’s had other ideas, so I had to make a healthier version at home.  Christmas ruined.  RUINED.

Since we have no plans to speak of we are going to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I have heard fabulous things about it, and how Daniel Craig is gloveless in every scene but one, from Cely.  I read the book this year, in fact I was sucked into the entire trilogy, so I am pretty excited to see it come to live.
I have never seen the Swedish version of these films but I don’t know how they’ll stand up to the overspending of American cinema.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Andrea@Running 4 Mamas Comeback says:

    SOOOO jealous about the movie! I read the books too so I am dying to go!! Merry Christmas!!

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