it’s the wind chill that’ll get ya

Jeff and I still have a few more items to buy this morning to ‘even out’ the gifts between the kids because ZOMG we wouldn’t want them to be uneven!!!  Plus the little monsters wanted (need) new slippers so we have to venture out anyways.

But Bo has been very antsy lately so I think he needs to get out of the house…for a long doggy walk.  But it is only 29* (23* wind chill) outside so I think he will only get a super short walk and then I’ll take a brief run.

Then tonight Jeff and I will try and stay awake as long as we can to see if Santa comes to visit us!  Maybe he’ll take pity on us and pay our mortgage!!

Merry Christmas Eve from Bo!




  1. cutest picture ever.

  2. I showed my mom Bo and she agrees that he is the cutest Boston of all time. Merry Christmas!

  3. Stinking adorable!!! Merry Christmas! Have a great holiday!

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