silver will have to become my new color

Merry Christmas to me…Ah, isn’t buying yourself gifts just as fun as getting them?
Sure it is.
You know you’ll like what you get, you can return it without pissing anyone off and you didn’t have to wait for it.
Even though I technically buy myself gifts all year…it’s called shopping.
And I love to do it. Hell, the grocery store gets my shopping skills excited.

Yesterday, on my lunch hour, I went shopping.
And I came out with this look on my face…
Well, the blurry part is just my crummy camera phone. Quality pictures are kinda my thing.

This is my ‘I just bought a new (to me) car on my lunch hour, all by myself, OMG I’m really an adult now‘ look.

You’ll remember my old car.  My beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee.  She served me well for 3 whole years.

Yesterday I traded her in for a new love.  My 2007 Nissan Murano SL:
 She is simply fabulous.  Leather, heated seats, sun roof, better gas mileage, low mileage on the car….Ah……everything I’ve wanted in a beautiful car.
For you local folks: I bought her at Grogan’s Towne on Telegraph.  I had never been there or even driven past it…but I took a chance on my new friend John Byrne and he totally came through for me.  John didn’t ‘sell’ me one bit nor did he make me feel stupid for being a 30 year old girl who knows very little about buying cars.  I told him my firm number and he found a way to make it happen.  I would easily find my way back to Grogan’s Towne for another vehicle purchase.

I am not a huge silver car fan.  Eh, it’s overdone.
But I wasn’t a fan of the tan Jeep either, but it warmed up to me enough that I wanted to dump paint all over it.

So for now I am reading the owners manual to find out how to do simple things like plug my phone charger in…OMG, they have everything hidden in this car.

Tonight I have run #2 for marathon training, hope it stops raining!



  2. Just in time for another rust belt winter!!

    I am familiar with Telegraph. My mom grew up rather near that area.

    • Ah…winter.
      I did want to make sure I got a car that could hold up with my commute and the snow, all at once. Found it!

  3. Yay! Heated seats are pretty much the best thing ever, for the record. It helps my aching back and hips and my butt is always toasty warm.

  4. OOOH!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Congrats on the new car and doing it yourself!! I have never bought a car by myself, I am too chicken and so bad at negotiating. One day I will man up and do it myself. It’s BEAUTIFUL though!!

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