Bo knows

I really have so many things to tell you…so instead of spewing on and on about it I am going to summarize each event for you.

On Saturday I ran my slowest 5K ever and was the absolute LAST person to cross the finish line.  There were only 52 runners but this has always been one of my worst running fears…being the last person to finish.  But it happened and I lived through it, I still hated it but I can’t change it now.  I was slow as balls from severe exhaustion (anti-d #2) and having some issues with my stupid asthmatic lungs in the 38* weather.  I cannot believe that it is this chilly in October.  Well, I know CT got 2 feet of snow and all but I still wasn’t ready for it.
Luckily, Andrea always makes me feel great about being a runner even though I am amazingly slow and she is faster than Kara Goucher.
The race was at a local park nature preserve in the middle of nowhere, compared to where I live but the autumn foliage was beautiful.
After I realized I was in last place I started to lose faith in myself…but I finished and celebrated by being happy with the fact that I was able to race in the first place.

Brady had a Halloween program at school today that was straight up cute as shit.  He was Mickey Mouse.  Yeah…his particular breed of mouse has gimpy ears and wears high waters.  I’m tellin ya this kid has some freakishly long legs.

Aaaaaaaaaand Jeff and I took a last minute road trip to Warren, Mi. on Saturday.
One and a half hours into Michigan to purchase something that we had never seen before.
What if we didn’t like it?
What if it wasn’t our style?
What if it isn’t what we expected it to be?

After 48 hours of hard decisions and lots of pondering, Jeff and I decided to keep it.

Disclaimer – if anyone reading this will have ANY contact with Carah and Brady before Friday at 6pm you will not mention what we purchased in Michigan under penalty of  being tarred and feathered, or having your house and car egged.  Plus, Jeff and I will have to kick you in the balls or punch you in the boob, whichever applies. 

Bo is a 13 week old Boston Terrier. We visited the vet today and he is 8.5 pounds of adorable puppy love.
He is amazing and we are totally smitten with him already.
Bo gives surprise kisses where he tends to french you more than your boyfriend has in the past week, he sleeps a really fucking lot and has some farts that make me want to tear my nose off.  But he’s a keeper.

Happy Monday everyone!
Did you have a Halloween race last weekend?
Do you have a dog?
And lastly, what do YOU think about the person who comes in dead fucking last at a race?


  1. i had a halloween race too!

    i have two dogs. have had three others. also have two cats. i’m that crazy pet lady.

    i used to have a fear of being last. but i’ve been last on the bike in a triathlon and it wasn’t so bad really. i’ve been fourth from last several times, and the last person got more cheering than i did so I was kind of jealous.

  2. Good for you for getting out there all things considered!!!
    Yep, we have 2 boxers. One is 13 yrs old and the other 6 months old. The 6 month old pup is now as big as our big ol’ girl. Crazy pups grow up way faster than kids! lol

    I raced this weekend, but you know how that went.


  4. I can’t believe you are THAT person. LOL.

    Hey at least you are experienced and knew what you were getting into. 52 runners is a small field. I have to laugh when I see folks come in last who clearly have never run more than 1 mile, did not train at all and have no frickin clue what they are doing.

  5. Shut up. What a cute puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He would get along great with my chihuahua – he loves to french kiss a TON, too!

    I always think “Good for him/her! ” Don’t worry so much – at least you didn’t quit!!


    I never think anything negative about the person that comes in last. They are doing more than most of the lazy population. My FIL is a dedicated jogger and has come in last several times. At least he’s out there doing it!

  7. Aww baby Boston! I have two dogs, one’s a pretty mutt and the other is a BT. Our Boston, Winston, is almost 7 years old. He is 100% obessed with his best friend, Wilson the tennis ball. Chicken strip treats give him bad gass. And after his pm potty break he will do what we like to call “The BT 5000” where he does laps around the house like a mad man. I found your blog from reading Kimi’s (A slice if Kiwi) comments on who’s all doing the 30 day shred. And now I HAVE to add you to my google reader after seeing Bo’s adorable face!

    • Hello Jen! Thanks for coming over from Kimi’s world! Now I HAVE to do the 30 day shred…and you are going to have to go on my blogroll~!

  8. Bo is soo freakin cute I can’t stand it!!!

    I have been close to last (like third or fourth to last), ain’t no thang!! At least you were out there doing it!!! That is all that matters!!!

    • I have been ALMOST last a few times…that’s what happens when you are a slow runner. But being last hurt a bit.

  9. I can’t thank you enough for your honesty in your blog. I am also a slow runner and I HATE always feeling bad about my pace when I read other blogs and they are running 8 minute miles and saying it was “slow” pace for them! I have the same fear of being last and you survived it so I think I could also. Thanks for making it feel like not a huge deal and keep up the great blog. Also, your puppy is truly the cutest thing ever 🙂

    • Oh, Cindy, thank you so much for your comment.
      I, too, get angry and a bit depressed when the ‘slow 8 minute miles’ get people down. They need to understand that those of us who run 12, 13 and 14 minute miles are still running our asses off, we are training and trying our best and pushing ourselves to our limits!
      Being last wasn’t that bad, I was trying to make a joke of it as everyone watched the ‘slow’ runner finish as they were finishing their donuts and water…we can make it through this. Slow runners are still runners. Thanks, Cindy!

  10. I want a puppy! Believe is or not, your Bo is actually the second dog I’ve known named for Bo Schembechler. And one of my big fears is also coming in last, but I think it’s really cool that you rocked it and you are posting about it. And if it was a small, fast field, then someone had to come in last. And I have come last in my age group more than once and I was 2nd or 3rd to last in my second ever race. Damn trail runs will kill you.

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