Soaring Eagle Boy Scout Half Marathon

Saturday Workout – Soaring Eagles Boy Scout Half Marathon in Bowling Green, Ohio.  An extremely hot and frightfully muggy 13.1 miles.  At 8am when the race started it was already in the low to mid 70’s…this race should have started at 7am because the weather is typically hotter than hot in NW Ohio in September…but it is what it is.

I started the race with a picture of me and Michele.  She traveled over 1.5 hours just to run this race with me.  Well not with me with me, but with me.

And I found my favorite (super-fast) NW Ohio runner, Andrea!
I made it an entire mile running alongside Michele then my new Spi Belt was acting up…in reality I had never run with it so I needed to tighten it a touch so it didn’t slide up.  So the next 12 miles were on my own.
As I have said before, NW Ohio is good at a few things; flatness, corn fields and humidity.  We had lots of these going on today.
It was a mentally exhausting first few miles; a lot of corn and very, very few scenery changes.  If you have ever read a race or run recap here on There Are Two Sides then you know I like to do one thing when I get board on a run…take weird pictures of myself.
Have you ever seen Children of the Corn?
If you have then you know how terrifying it is to run next to a humongous corn field for 4 miles.  Mostly alone.
 Whew!  Something new to look at…wind turbines.  Bowling Green has some amazing wind.  All the fucking time.  It is aka: Blowing Green.  True story.

This woman and I had a momentary exchange where she 1. told me my Team Sparkle skirt was adorable and 2. told me she loved my Skinny Runner shirt and that she also read her blog.  Honestly…she is the only other NW OH person who reads this that I didn’t turn onto it.  Awesome.
Oh, look!  It’s boring again!

Even with such monotony I was doing a good job at keeping my legs moving and keeping a smile on my face…when I took a picture or two.

And then I decided an action shot of my Team Sparkle skirt was in order.
Brilliant.  Plus, if you look closely you can see the new hole in my left shoe where my big toe is trying to break free.

But OMG OMG OMG a scenery change!  Houses!
And when there are houses you know what that means!!!
I happily ran through the sprinklers at three houses.
Sprinklers give Amanda this face:

But then I realized we were leaving the neighborhood…no more sprinklers. Ugh.
Meet my angry we are leaving the neighborhood face.
 The next few miles were totally uneventful.  I tried to not get run over by cars and I tried to keep moving as much as possible.
I had GU’d at miles 3.5, 6.5 and 9.  After numerous long runs I know what my body needs and it needs calories when I run.  I have tried to do a 5 miler without any fuel and I was so dizzy and out of it when I finished I could have easily passed out so I know that I need my GU.  I was feeling really rough as I found mile 11.  I started to get dizzy.  I started to doubt the last 2 miles!
But as I fondled my Spi Belt I realized that I tucked an extra GU in there this morning for just this reason!!!
I decided I need another happy running face picture to keep my head in the game.
 The race ended inside the Wood County Fair Grounds Stadium (read: small town fair grounds but also where the National Tractor Pull is located each year.  True story) and I was more than ready to be finished with this race.
I loved all of the water stops, around 10 during the 13.1 miles and the Boy Scout volunteer support was stellar!
Living in NW Ohio I knew what I was in for during this race: heat, zero0 elevation change and more heat mixed with humidity.
I gladly accepted my finishers medal and stood under another sprinkler.  It. Was. Heaven.
And last but not least…my jazzy outfit for the race.  I got SO many compliments on my skirt.  I totally need more.

 OH!  I did NOT PR at this race.  But I was totally okay with that due to the extreme heat this morning.  But, the good news is that I did tie my current PR of 2:45!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!
Did you race?  
Are you running?


  1. Pretty Fittie says:

    Houses in Ohio are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love the skirt, I think I may try to get the Ragnar team to wear these 😀 Nicely done in the heat!

  2. Way to rock it girl! A tie on your PR is no shame!

    The photos are exactly how I pictured this race!

    I’ll have you know the Hubz and I got engaged by the windmills 🙂

  3. awww Amanda, you look so cute! If the heat was anything in NW Ohio like it was in Michigan, you totally got a PR in my book. It was brutal out!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE HALF!!! And great job on tying your PR! Anything under 3 hours is stellar in my opinion!! Enjoy the resting up and the fun eating after!!

  5. I am really excited to read your blog! I just read your fitblogger article, and can’t wait to catch up. I’m a slow runner, too.


  6. congrats!

  7. Wow, that sounds like a tough race, but you rocked it! Way to go, Amanda!

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