when adults cry

There are few times as an adult that you are in such pain that you understand that crying uncontrollably is the best way to help deal with your discomfort.
Broken bones, dislocated joints, torn ligaments or tendons…you catch my drift.  Even then, crying may not happen because you have had experience dealing with your pain.

When you are a child crying is second nature.

You are hurt = you cry.

Stubbed toes, tiny scratches, splinters, scraped skin and even paper cuts warrant a good cry.

Naturally, as a parent of any type, you try to prevent injury to your children so they feel as little pain as possible during their lives.  Inevitably they’ll get hurt and you want them to both feel better and learn from the situation.

For the past two months that we’ve lived in our new home we have been hounding the kids to hold onto the railing as they come down the stairs.  From the second floor heading downstairs we have around 12 steps then a small landing, then 4 more steps.  We cringe each time the kids race down trying to get somewhere miliseconds faster than the other one.
We constantly remind them to hold onto the railing and OMG GOOO SLOWER!
We are the parents who make them walk back up the stairs and then come back down them at a slower (regular) pace.

Last night I was still fighting my migraine so I read Catching Fire in bed for a few hours (love it).
I was feeling calm and relaxed when I headed down the stairs to grab a small smack.




I missed the second step.
Was not holding onto the railing.
Fell down about 7 steps.
Swore a lot, quietly so I didn’t wake Carah and Brady.
Cried like a 4 year old.
Bruised my hip/ass region.
Caused my hip/ass region to SWELL.
Sat on ice for the next hour.
No improvement.
Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
Slept like shit because my hip/ass region was swollen and in pain and bruised like I was kickboxing.
But.  On the bright side…my migraine was gone.

I told Carah and Brady about my jaunt on the stairs last night and how I wished I was holding the railing for support.
I told them how much it hurt and that I have a huge bruise and swelling.
They, lovingly, asked if I was okay and promised they would be more careful on the stairs.

Brady then spent the next 10 minutes trying to convince me to show him the bruise on my ass.

I didn’t show him.  But I did warn them that if they smack my butt at all I’ll have to kick them in the face.

You see, kids want boundaries.
Plus, these kids like to smack a lot of ass for fun.

Do you cry when you get hurt?
Do you stupidly hurt yourself like me? 

Update – Here is a picture of the beauty of a bruise that appeared in less than 10 hours:


  1. I don’t usually cry, but I do yell and curse a lot. Like the other night when Toddler Charlie dug out an old heavy plastic ball (really heavy, like with batteries in it) the size of his head and threw it down the stairs. I happened to be sitting at the bottom of those stairs and it got me right in the back of the head. Many f-bombs flew.

    I just barely managed to keep the tears back when I fell off the bike last month.

    Hope your ass recovers quickly.

    • The yelling and cursing is where I typically head when I am hurt. But this was a special kind of pain…ass/hip pain was weird. Plus the kids were sleeping so I couldn’t yell. Crying was all I could do.


  2. Oh no!! That’s the worst, falling down stairs for a dumb reason. I was trying to be She-Ra carrying a bunch of cumbersome stuff down the stairs, including a big laundry basket, in a hurry and I slipped and fell down the last 5 stairs. I cried like a bitch! And it didn’t even hurt that bad (no ass bruises). I think I was just shaken that I fell in the first place. But yeah, waterworks. And cussing.

    • I was literally shaking for at least an hour last night–falling is something ‘not normal’ so it is hard to deal with.
      And my ass bruise has gotten even darker in the past 4 hours since I put this pic up. OMG.

  3. I don’t cry when I get hurt but I swear a “bit”.

  4. I don’t cry but I swear a “bit”.

  5. Ashley Smith says:

    I fell down our stairs last summer.. like you.. I went from the top, in the air, then straight to the bottom landing on my back.. I let out a death shriek and yes quietly sobbed. Nate ran over to me screaming my name and saying “oh my god!” (as if he thought I paralyzed myself). Obviously I am ok.. and after the slip I took some pain meds and drank some chocolate milk (which seemed to help). Anywho.. I am glad you are okay. Falling down the stairs is kind of a traumatic thing to go through.

  6. Stefanie@RUNON says:

    So I totally admire you for admitting you cried. I seriously never cry when I am supposed to. Like a couple of weeks ago, I cut my finger open and had to get 5 stitches. Didn’t cry. Not even when they numbed me up, which HURT LIKE HELL. I will never forget that pain! But smack my head on a kitchen cabinet. I cry. WTH???

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