money well spent…but it would have been better spent on a new Coach purse

When we moved into our almost forever house we knew that we would have some big decisions to make.  Wall color, flooring, bathroom fixtures…the list goes on for days.

The first area we wanted to tackle was the backyard. The deck was in a horrible state, in fact Brady’s leg had fallen through it shortly after we moved in.  Over half of the joists were barely hanging or had already fallen down.  The wood on the deck had rotted through in a lot of areas and the stability to hold a person was extremely week.

On July 4 Jeff started to tear up the rotting deck.
Today we got one step closer to getting our deck finished.  FINALLY.

We had 3 large trees removed and holy shitballs does our yard look different!
Our side yard view before:

Side yard view after:

Back yard view before:
Back yard view after:
And lastly, the view from the front yard:
And the front yard after:
 While I don’t like taking down trees that are older than I am but we would hate to have their roots continue to cause terror with our house.
All of our rooms are drastically brighter; the sunlight pours into the house now.
I know we will miss the shade in the backyard but it is amazing to have such an open feeling in the yard now!

Money well spent in my opinion…especially with our vision for our house.


  1. What a nice looking house! Now if only you could get rid of those giant molehills in the front/back yard…. just kidding 🙂 I think you should put up a few pictures of that interesting looking front porch!

    • Thank you Jordan!
      It kinda irks me that after paying to have three trees removed they cannot even clean up the crap they leave behind after they ground out the stump? Better yet, it is raining so that is going to be a hot mess today!
      I’ll post some front porch pictures after we get some work done!

  2. Ugh, we need to cut down 2 trees, too, but we keep putting if off because of the expense. But I know it would make such a big difference (nevermind the crazy roots)!

  3. Now just plant some grass in the front yard. Looking bare over there!

    As much as I look forward to having a house someday, I’m not sure how I feel yet about all the work that comes along with!

  4. Ashley Smith says:

    Hello!!!! Sun deck!!

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