Why I want to be a FitFluential Ambassador for Toledo, Ohio

If you have been reading There Are Two Sides long enough you know that I have a passion for living healthy and exercise.  You also know that I have a tendency to fall off the wagon, light it on fire and then push it down a hill so it takes me weeks to find it again.  Finding a healthy balance in your life is something that is different for each person and family.  I think that I will always be searching for my healthy balance as it can change as often as Dennis Rodman’s hair color did in the 90’s.

Ever since I was cleared by my orthopeadic doctor to run again (after taking 13 years off due to knee surgeries galore) I have been in a much healthier frame of mind.  I know where I want to end up regarding my fitness levels and I know how I want to get there.  Healthy is as healthy does is one of my favorite things to say to myself when I am up against a donut or sleeping in or a large popcorn with butter at the movie theater.

FitFluential Inc. is a new company from Kelly Olexa and Jennifer Edwards that connects brands and influencers who share a passion for fitness. We are a network of the best when it comes to fitness bloggers and those who can inspire and guide them. People with a passion. People with a voice. People like you!

FitFluential is looking for Ambassadors to help represent their company in major US/Canadian cities.
Unfortunately I have had such huge doubts about applying for this amazing opportunity.
Because Ohio is frequently in the top 10 most obese states list.
Because Toledo is often seen as a waste of space and one of the worst US cities to live in.
Because Toledo is the 4th highest area of human trafficking due to our proximity to the Canadian border.
Also listed as the worst city for men to live in…and women as well.

I looked up every article saying how hideous Toledo, Ohio is to live in, read them, discussed them and then came to one answer to solve it all.
By being a FitFluential Ambassador I have the opportunity to show my hometown how easy it is to make healthy choices; that obesity doesn’t have to rule our lives, that farmers markets are for everyone, that common diseases and conditions can be helped by losing weight and eating better.
Toledo, Ohio is not the ideal city for a FitFluential Ambassador but we are the city that needs one the most.  We are people who are deeply rooted in our city, our zoo, our parks and our future.  Now, I want to partner with FitFluential as an Ambassador to show Toledoians how healthy living can fit into their lives without much of a struggle.  I want major brands and companies to notice how hard we are working at turning our dead end city around by starting with ourselves.

I have joined a group of runners that has changed my entire aspect on running and exercise.  I am signed up for no less than 9 races for the remainder of the year and have wowed myself with my dedication to running over the past 6 months. I love to run, roller blade, bike, walk and clown around with my step-kids at the playground. Being active is something I need and want to do.  I like to let other people know what products I like to use and how they help me in my daily life or during my runs.

I get excited about personal records (even though they may be slow to most people) and silly trophies.  I love finding new ways to push myself and inspire those around me.

I am also not afraid to show everyone what I REALLY look like!  Most women have curves and are afraid to show them off.  I want men and women to feel comfortable with their bodies and know how to change the things that they don’t like.

I even showed the world that I have Swimsuit Confidence as part of National Swimsuit Confidence Week.

I want to be a FitFluential Ambassador to show Toledo, Ohio that healthy is as healthy does and doing healthy isn’t hard!


  1. This is so awesome girl!! I love your approach about wanting to show people in your city how to do it and show people outside your town that you all CAN and will!!! BOOYA!

  2. Thank you Kelly!

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