May 23 will be epic for women everywhere

On Monday, May 23 a revolutionary start to summer will begin.  It is one week before Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer but this has nothing to do with that.  Well, it may share a case of beer or two.

National Swimsuit Confidence Week begins on Monday, May 23.
And it will be epic.

If you come back and visit me on Monday you’ll catch a dashing scary beautiful picture of me in a new Lands End bathing suit as I celebrate National Swimsuit Confidence Week with the fantastic women of The Curvy Girl Guide.  So, what if you are not curvy?  You can still read them because they give fabulous knowledge on everything from growing vegetables to how to make sure your children are growing up with healthy body images to sex talk.

Please be warned that I will be modeling this bathing suit for you…but you have already seen me wearing much less as it is.  So this shouldn’t be nearly as traumatizing as I thought it would be for you, my 4 readers.

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