Amanda Musgrave Schwartzcock

After waiting over 25 minutes to put $38 worth of gas (a half talk) into my car I decided that if I was going to spend money I was going to spend it on something that would rot my teeth right out of my face.

I caved.

I bought more Cadbury Creme Eggs.  But, in my defense they were on clearance!
Cheap = no calories.  Right?
I did get Jeff a few Easter leftover goodies too.  This guy sure loves his fruity candy!

Tonight we are attending the Spring Music Program for Carah’s school.  The first graders take the stage at 6:30 and this beautiful girl:

has a speaking part.  Oh yes.  She gets to introduce one of the songs.  Pretty hot stuff around here.  Naturally we’re pretty excited and working on getting an agent to attend.

I was out in the driveway waiting for Greta to locate her satellites when I turned on my ipod.  DEAD!  I am not a runner without my music (most of the time) so I headed back inside to give her a charge.  While I waited I did half of the 6 Week 6 Pack video.  I skipped all of the squats and anything that had my knee bending in an odd direction but I still got an extra half hour workout out of it.  I figured Greta didn’t take too long to charge so I headed outside for a very wet 2.5 miles.  I was starving so I stopped there, but 2.5 miles is better than 0!

With all of the Royal Wedding hoopla I thought I would get in on the action.  I found a page that will give you your very own Royal Name!  Swanky, right!? Here is my new name:

I think I am going to have letter head printed up.  This is that special of a name.
Really…they took my last name (Schwartz) and slapped cock onto the end of it.  Does adding cock a royal name make?
I guess it does!



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