my drug of choice at Easter-time

After my epic 9 mile run on Monday night I decided to take two days off instead of my normal one.  Reason?  My legs needed it!  But I am feeling the itch to run again and I will trot 8 miles around town tonight to scratch it.

With only 2.5 weeks left until my first half marathon I want to be in the best shape I can be.  Mentally and physically.  Especially since Michele, the best friend ever, is running it with me.

Training for my first half has been a weird experience all around.  I thought that my excess weight would melt off of me.  Instead I have put on a pound or two of weight.  I believe it to be hard core muscle since my quads are ridiculously amazing right now, but it is still weight.  I never thought that I would love to run but I do.  It is a great feeling.  I love pushing myself through each mile to see what I am able to accomplish.  I especially love the huge calorie burn I hit when I run.  I burn an average of 900 calories in an hour when I run (5 mph).  BUT the best reason to run…is so I can eat more of these without feeling guilty at all:

They are my Easter crack.

NOW I understand the reason people love running.


  1. I’m partial to those little malted milk ball eggs. Let’s say I eat a bag of them. How many miles would you have to run for me to burn off those calories?

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