hair it is

As I am now in my last week of high mileage before my taper begins for my half marathon on April 17 I have hit my new high mileage point.

I had a 9 mile run on Sunday that, all in all, went pretty easily.

I did make two stops to see my dad, one where he was not at home, then I found him having drinks with his friends and had a quick chat with them.

Neither of these stops had any impact on my overall time.  If anything it slowed me down a bit.  I always struggle through the first and sometimes second mile on my runs but once I get moving I find it much easier to keep my pace, even with my walk breaks.

I did the sensible thing and stretched and rolled my legs out on my foam roller while icing my knee.  I am trying to stay free of injury so close to my race.  Even the next morning I am stiff and find it hard to move in certain positions.  I was ZOOOOMG, THISCLOSETOPULLINGMYHAMSTRING.  Which would have been hideous.  The next few days will involve lots of hammy stretches.

With all of the *hush hush* changes going on in my life right now I am able to show you the newest me…minus 6 inches of hair.  It was the best $7 haircut ever.


  1. Ohh that marathon is approaching quickly! When Iused to run I always felt the 3 rd mile was the hardest to get through and then anything after that was much easier. Just had to get through that hump!

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