my half marathon post or time for something completely different

For my loyal 8 week challenge followers who have rooted me along during the past three week – thank you so much.  I think I could have used more prayers, good thoughts or a new knee.  Not necessarily in that order.

I have become a quitter.  I was medically forced to quit my 8 week challenge.  After speaking with my orthopedist I was told that the 30 Day Shred and 6 Week 6 Pack were putting too much pressure on my battered knee.  Quit.  Quit now.  Do them sparingly.

So I followed doctors orders.  And at that same time when my knee healed the weather seemed to clear.

I laced up my running shoes and hit the streets.  Putting some easy miles behind me I did it again the next day, with pain in my foot. This, of course, happened the day I purchased new running shoes.

After limping around with what I *think* may be a strain in a tendon.
I have worn my new running shoes around the house but I was dying to actually use them.

So last night I told myself 1 mile, no more and no less.  1 mile later my foot didn’t ache anymore and I was without pain the rest of the night.  These shoes help in the best way with my overpronation and I am really excited with the choice I made in them.

Even though I have an appointment with a podiatrist on Monday morning I did something drastic today.  I signed up for the Glass City Half Marathon. This was a no brainer for me.  The race is on a no-kids weekend (no extra stress), it is far enough away for training and it starts and finishes on the campus of the University that I work for so I know the area.
I am ready to really push myself when it comes to running.  I have 8.5 weeks to train and I have made myself a training schedule to keep on track.
Can I say the word train again?

So wish me well and if you really want, come out and cheer me on as I attempt to run 13.1 miles.
On purpose.


  1. Good luck! You can do it:) P.S. I have those running shoes also and I love them!

  2. Uh huh. Don’t come crying to me…

    • The only thing I will come to you for is a Diet Coke Sherry. And I will not have my laptop anywhere near me so there will be no near death experience to speak of.

  3. You are crazy! But that’s why I love you! I know you will accomplish this. Go get it!

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