2011: move

As 2010 came to a close I was busy finding hidden pictures in a Highlights Magazine and kicking all kinds of ass finding the really hard items.  Like the pencil, paintbrush and needle.  Ah, and the elusive toothbrush.  I found the vast majority of the items.  Sure, I was searching with a 7 year old, but she is a really smart 7 year old so I don’t like to let her win for the fun of it.  Because that ends up being no fun for me.
Carah had to think of a new years resolution to tell her first grade class.  She was nervous about picking one…mostly because she didn’t quite understand what a resolution was but it got me thinking about resolutions of years past.

I guess I am one of those people who views the new year as a blank canvas.  Full of possibilities.  Ready to be molded and shaped into whatever you want it to be.

Examples: 2009 and 2008.  I guess I didn’t write any resolutions for 2010 except for don’t die on the operating table.

Boy was I stupid.
Not about no dying.  Because I obviously didn’t.
Stupid about the resolutions.

Everyone I know makes lofty goals and sets unbelievable expectations for themselves for the upcoming year.
And something like 90% of the time they fail.  This is a totally made up percentage but I bet that it is fairly accurate, as far as made up percentages go.

So this year I am trying something different.  I am still setting a goal for myself.  But it is a broad goal.  It is attainable in almost everything I do in life.  It will help keep me motivated.  It is be short and easy to remember.

This is the word that will help me walk, run, 30 day shred and eat healthier in 2011.  Not a resolution.  A word to live by.

I spend roughly 30+ hours sitting my ass on the couch each week.  Sure, I have an amazing ass groove in the couch that cannot be matched but I also have a growing ass to show for it.

Okay, I do have goals for myself for this year but I know that I will not get depressed when and if I don’t reach them.

I want to run a couple of 5K’s – one of which will be with my best friend, Michele.
I want to run a 10K.
I want to reach my goal weight of under 120.
I want to train to run the Disney Princess half marathon in February 2012.

See, not too bad.  And if I don’t hit these goals.  Then at least I was out there moving.

And as a constant reminder to myself for this year I used some Christmas money and purchased something that will keep my butt kicked into high gear.  Or at least a higher gear than I am in now. I will post a picture when it arrives in a few weeks.

So for now I will move.  Keep myself busy.  Active.  Hopefully cut my couch time in half or maybe more.


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